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"If I had known it was the last kiss,I would have never stopped. If I had known it was the last hug, I would have never let go. If I had known it was your last smile just for me, I would have never looked away. That last night together, I should have never let you walk out that door and leave, if I would have known that you wanted me the way I wanted you. Then maybe we wouldn't be two worlds apart."
So this is my first book so if you are a hater in any way, shape, or, form....... FUCK OFF..... Thank you! Now I am not a writer so this will probably be very simple and not really detailed. When the book is finished and I feel like I should write a sequel that explains it more then I will. Now this book is different from others. I told myself if I ever wrote a book it would be about something crazy and weird. Soo.. Enjoy and make sure to comment and vote

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