Chapter 36

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You were happy to be going back to the bunker. Dean turned on his classic rock and you both began singing along with it.
You: I can't wait to see uncle Sammy!
Dean: What about uncle Cas?
You: Him too.
Dean laughs.
Dean: How come you didn't like Texas?
You went quiet.
Dean: baby girl?
You: Because, you weren't with me.
Dean: I was with you baby girl, not physically. But I was with you, in your heart.
You look at the ground.
You: I missed your hugs, your smile, your laugh and you daddy. I missed you.
Dean: I know baby and I missed you too.

You and Dean arrive to the bunker. Dean picks you up and he puts you his shoulders. You both walk into the bunker.
Dean: Guess who came back!
Sam: Y/n?
Sam then lifts you from Dean's shoulders. You hug Sam.
You: Uncle Sammy!!
Sam: Hey there y/n.
You then see Cas.
Cas then walks over and he smiles at you.
Dean and Sam were laughing.
You: Can I hug uncle Cas, uncle Sammy?
Sam: Yeah sure.
Sam hands you over to Cas, you hug Cas tight.
Cas hugs you tight. He kisses your cheek.
Dean was smiling because his little princess was back and he was happy.

Cas puts you down and you run to Dean.
Dean picks you up.
Dean: My little girl is back home.
You: And I have my daddy back.
You smile at Dean and he kisses your cheek.
Dean: What do you want to do y/n?
You then look at Sam, Cas and Dean.
You: Can we play a game?
Sam: What kind of game?
Dean puts you down. You then tag Dean.
You then run away.
Dean: I'm gonna get you!
Dean chases you around the library, Sam and Cas stood out of the way.
Dean almost got you a couple of times, but every time you managed to get away.
You: Can't catch me daddy!
You didn't see where you running, you then run into a wall.
Dean: Y/N!
You: stupid wall.
You were rubbing your head.
Dean: Are you okay baby girl?
You: Yeah I'm fine.
You stand up, but you hit your head pretty hard. You were a bit dizzy.
Sam: Y/n?
You: Yeah uncle Sammy?
Sam then comes over and he examines your head.
Sam: You got a big bump on your head y/n.
You: It will swell down.
You then laugh, it hurt your head.
Dean: Come on baby girl.
Dean picks you up, and he carries you to your room. Your head was killing you.
Dean then gets you some medicine and a cool cloth.
You: Daddy?
Dean: Yeah y/n?
You: I love you.
Dean smiles.
Dean: I love you too baby girl.
Dean kisses your head and he leaves your room.
You fall asleep, but your head was hurting and you felt really dizzy.

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