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My alarm beeps at me to get up. I wearily open my eyes and look at it "7:30 am" it says in red digits.

I had been going to sleep late since I had been in the woods with Ethan for the last 3 weeks.

I would be going into 8th grade this year. So would Ethan. I was so excited, I wanted to make a good first impression and try to make more friends since my only one was Ethan. We were both homeschooled until now.

I was finally going to a real school.

I put on a grey sweater. It said "3000% done" on it. I put some super skinny jeans, and to tell you the truth, that shit was hard to fit into. After I did that, I put on black high top converse. I decided to add a finishing touch so I put a white bow in my hair.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I'm a pretty girl if I say so myself. But I still was average.

I went out to the kitchen and sat on the wooden table. It had a red checkered cover and had plates with toast, pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, all that good stuff. There was jars of peach and strawberry and grape jelly.
The different breakfast smells entered my freckled nose and it smelled so nice.

My annoying 13 year old brother, King who was going to 8th grade too, ran to the table with his red hair all wet and he plopped himself into a chair next to me and shook his head, spraying me with water.

"God damn it, King!" I exclaimed. He just laughed at me. My mom looked up at me, "Watch your mouth, young lady, those words are not to be said at the table." She stared at me crossly with her aquamarine eyes that matched my brother's and one of my eyes. She was a pretty woman. She had silk brown hair just like mine except hers didn't have blonde tips. She had pale skin and no freckles, but her face was refined.

My dad sat at the table and said good morning to all of us. My dad had yellow eyes like one of mine and blonde hair. He also had pale skin, but he has freckles.

My brother's hair was weird. He came out a ginger. I don't know how.

I finished my breakfast and left my plate and utensils in the sink and went to brush my teeth. I finished quickly and went outside, saying bye to my family before I left.

"What took you so long?" I heard Ethan's voice while I closed the door.
"Girls take longer than guys to get ready, ya know." I responded. "Yeah, whatever. Let's just get to school." He rushed me.

He was just as excited as I was.

We walked to school. Ethan occasionally kicked up dirt and a tan cloud of dirt rose up. "I'm going to try out for the football team." He said after a long silence. "Oh! That's great!" I replied. He smiled, he had always loved to play football.

We finally got to the school. It was a ginormous building. It was pink and there was a large sign that said "Minnesota Academy High School"

"What an original name." Ethan said sarcastically. "Yeah," I said laughing a little.

"Hey, isn't that your brother?" Ethan asked pointing to King. "Oh jeez, yeah it is." I pulled Ethan away. I didn't want my dipshit brother to see us.

I pulled out my schedule. "what's yours say?" I asked Ethan while looking over his shoulder to see his. "We have the same schedule." I was overjoyed. I'd spend every single day of the year with him.

Later, after our first class, which was math, we were at our lockers getting ready for the next class. My locker was 4 lockers away from his. I watched him as I put my things inside. I observed a group of 3 girls staring at him and whispering, one tall pale skinned one with ice blue eyes and blonde hair that was almost white. She was the prettiest out of all 3. She was prettier than me. She strutted over to Ethan, I peeked at her talking to him and I tried to pick up as much bits of the conversation as I could.

"Hey, I'm Crystal. You must be new here, I didn't see you last year." She smiled at him. He closed his locker, and said "I'm Ethan, yeah, I'm new."

"Oh, that's cool. Want to sit with me at lunch? I can make you so popular." She smiled and twirled her hair. She was flirting and he was talking to her. I felt so defeated. Would she win him over? I felt like I was competing in a talent show and going right before Beyoncè.

The bell rang and I walked over to Ethan and tapped him on the shoulder. "It's lunch time, we should get going."

"Right." he said before turning from Crystal and walking with me. I looked back and winked at her. She had an infuriated look on her face. I could tell that no boy just walks away from her like that.

But Ethan was not just a boy. He was more than that.

We ran into King. "Hey, Ethan! I didn't think you'd be going to this school." He said happily and I rolled my eyes. Ethan and King got along so well. Ethan began talking to King more and I lagged behind. I hated when this happened.

I stood in the lunch line. It was so long I thought I was going to starve.
When it was finally my turn, they lunch lady put a large scoop of what looked like to be green mashed potatoes.

"Gross." I muttered. I knew i had to eat it anyway.

I looked around for a table. I saw Ethan and King sitting at a table, talking and laughing. Sometimes, I thought the two were in love, since King is gay. But I don't think Ethan would fall for King, Ethan is straight.

He looked at me and patted the seat next to him, indicating that I sit down. I smiled and gladly went to the table and sat next to him.

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