Finding out

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I woke with warm arm cradling me I snuggled in to them and I herd a small chuckle. I looked up and say I was in Quils arm instantly I pulled away " wwhat are u doing!" I shouted and he looked surprised. Jake ran I looking worried. "Jake I swear this was not me I woke up and um I was in his arms I'm so sor-"
Jake cut me off "its ok hunny I was going down stairs to get something for you and so I told Quil to keep you warm." I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and I hid my face. Jack gently placed his and on my chin and lifted my face. our eyes locked and I brushed my lips over his. Using the tips of his fingers he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. "I will be right back!" He whispered in my ear.
As he walked in the door I noticed something behind his back. "so are you gna tell me what happened the other day?" I ask
"Well I wasn't going to tell you this but you know the Cullen's they are well Vampires." he must be joking I couldn't help my self to burst out laughing.
Wiping my eyes from laughing so hard I saw Jakes serious face. "really are you kidding?" He shook his head "is there anything else you want to share?" I ask
"Well when I tell you this don't freak out ok? I me and all our friends that are boys are werewolfs!" I felt my eyes widen.
"Oh um ok!" I gulp "anything else?"
"No that's it!" He confirmed "do you still love me?" I was taken by surprise by his question.
"Of course I do! I fell in love with you and I will except you for you!" Just then vina opened the door.
"Can I speak to Bella alone please?" She asked Jake nodded and left after kissing my cheek.
"So he told you!" She said her gaze not leaving the window
"Yer. How do you know about them?"
"I'm Embrys imprint!"she said
"What's an imprint?" I asked confused
"It like a wolfs one and only true love, when he sees her he just can't stay away. you know Sam and Emily they are imprints and me and Embry and Quil and Clair who is Emily's cousin she is only 2. An imprint isn't just going out, they could be a best friend a brother or a lover." panic rushed over my body what if Jake imprints on someone else what will I do. I stared into Vinas brown eye and I knew I was his imprint we would be together forever!

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