I whimpered as Skull kid came closer to me. My Daku mask was my favorite mask but it wasn't the smartest choice for this fight.
"Should of gone with the damn Darmoni mask. Fuck." I told myself under my breath as skull kid laughed again. I took off my Daku mask and put it back in my bag, pulling out my ocarina. I played the song of healing once more. Before I could finish skull kid hit my stomach, knocking the wind out of me and causing me to throw my Ocarina.
"Are you Kidding me right now."
"Meru we have to hurry!" Tale warned me as I recovered my breath.
"I'm trying Tale! Go and rescue Tatle! Quickly." I told her as I grabbed my sword off my back.
"Skull Kid. I WILL END YOU!"
-----Time Skip-----

"Zelda! I came as quickly as possible! W-where's Link? Could he not make it? Do you want me to pass this message to him?" I bombarded Zelda with question as I knelt down on one knee. I took a look at Zelda face and saw it was full of Sadness and tears.
"Meru. Link. He didn't make it on his last mission. I'm sorry Meru. I should of went with him. I should of been there to protect him. To be there for him." Zelda sobbed to me as she broke down. I didn't say anything. I stared at Zelda, my mind blank. I felt Zelda move closer to me and she pulled me into a hug. Coming to my senses I broke down, All the tears I've been holding in for years came out of my eyes. I cried for hours, Zelda comforting me.

-The next day-

I grabbed the clothes Zelda had made for Me and put them on. It was a black top with black pants and a black clip. I put on my boots and headed out of my room.
-Small time skip about 2 hours-

I put in a small hand full of dirt over Links Coffin. The funeral had everyone he helped and save there and other people as well. Link had made his will and he put me in it. He gave me his shield and Sword, along with the Tri-Force. I cried once more as they filled the rest of his grave.

"Meru... You are The Last of Link descendant. You must pass on this story and find someone you love. To make a new Generation of Descendant. For the sake of everyone. Promise me." I heard someone say.
I looked up into the sky, my voice was now louder, stronger.

"I Promise!"

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