Chapter 10! Preliminaries! Part 5- Final Part

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   Hi guys! :D

   Sorry if it seems like I'm dragging the chunin exams out to be this long, I just had so much stuff I wanted to write here XD

   As you may know, there is a one month period between the preliminaries and the finals. I'll be writing a bit about that time period as well, so it isn't like the actual Naruto storyline.

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* * *

Gaara's POV

   The rediculous-looking jonin interrupted me before I could kill his student. He ended the match by setting foot on that battle field. Why?

   "But... he failed! Why save him?" I stuttered, trying to wrap my head around what was happening.

   He searched for the right wording. "Because he is my student. But also because he is precious to me," He said, with a hand on the kid's shoulder. By now a few medics walked up with a stretcher. "Lee, look at you- barely even conscious! Why did I do this to you? What have I done?" He cried, tears escaping his eyes. So immature. and he calls himself a man.

   I turned the sand back into a gourd, and once it was full, I transported myself where Kankuro and Temari were. I didn't want to be with anyone else now.

   The medic picked up the kid, and lowered him gently onto the stretcher. A student... precious to him? How is that possible?



   My head was suddenly struck with this intense pain. My hands grasped my head, and I groaned in pain. Kankuro and Temari whipped around to see what was wrong. T-They won't understand.

   "Su-Suzu-Suzume," the name of my little sister escaped my lips in a raspy tone. "Suzume... Where is she?" I demanded.

   "She has been talking with the Leaf Village Genin," Temari said. "Do you want me to go get her?"

   "Yes," I heard myself say.

Suzume's POV

   I saw Temari whisper something to Kankuro, and Kankuro began to walk over to where we were. What could they possibly need from me?

   Kankuro grabbed my wrist. "You're coming with me," He said sternly. Okay then... I looked back at everyone else, who were staring at me. Some were whispering.

   "What do you want?" I asked. I got no reply.

   Finally, he responded when we stopped walking. "Look down," He said, before letting me go.

   Gaara was sitting against the wall with his hands clenching his head. Oh gosh... not again."

   "Suzume," He said, breathing deeply. I sat on the ground next to him. "He saved him, the jonin," He muttered.

   "I saw what happened," I said back. "I don't know why either."

   He sighed. Understanding love and connections to others is difficult for us, especially for him. Suddenly, I felt the sand pull me closer toward him. My brother leaned on my shoulder, and I put my arm around him.

   "Here. Let's watch the fight," I said, pointing at the dusty battleground, where the fat guy just finished fighting. He lost. Now, the two names showed up on the screen. It was Fumiko Hatake vs. one of the sound goons. It turns out that girl that showed up in the middle of Gaara's fight was Fumiko. The Hatake part explains the strange look she got from Kakashi. They're related?

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