Pregnant with his baby! (Harry Styles Fanfic)

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Just gonna say this probably isn't gonna be a good book.. I just wanted to see how good it it and feedback would be great.. Thanks(: 


Isabella's POV.

How could this happen!? Oh my what have I done. I'm only 18. Even since I'm on my own. 

I guess I should introduce myself. Hi, I'm Isabella Garcia. I'm 18. I moved from a small town in Texas and came all the way to London. I moved here after I graduated high school. I'm currently going to college for photography. I'm taking online courses. One other thing you should know about is... Well... I'm pregnant, with Harry Styles baby. He doesn't know I'm pregnant either. 

It was practically a one night stand. Nothin happened after that. I haven't seen him in 2 months, which is about how far along I am. I'm not showing either. Which is a good thing since I haven't even told my friends yet. Thank goodness they are there for me.

You're probably thinking friends already. You like barely moved here. I met them through work. I work at Starbucks. They're the greatest friends you could ever meet. Amberlynn Garza is the first person I met. She is the sweetest person ever. Which she can go off at anytime you make her mad. I'm also like that. She can be worse. My other best friend is Josh Martinez. Yes he is a guy, so what you can have guy friends. He is also gay.

Today was my day off, and I was being LAZY. I was also waiting for Josh and Amberlynn to get off of work. The time was going by slow. They didn't know I was pregnant yet, and I was gonna tell them as soon as they got here. Well sorta. This is why time needs to hurry up.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4 O'clock~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was laying on my bed and I heard my phone go off. It was a message from Josh.

Josh- Hey loser get up... Me and Amberlynn will be there in about 10 mins. -JoshXx

Isabella- I'm not a loser.. -__- Alright I'm going.. Bring some Nandos on your way over here please(: -BellaXx

Josh- Uh huh haha... I guess just for the queen I will.. :P -JoshXx

Isabella- Thanks loser baha.. :P -BellaXx

Alright so that will give me about 15-20 minutes to get ready. I grabbed my purple v-neck and a pair of skinny jeans. I put my make up on. Macara and light purpleish eye shadow. Left my hair in natural waves and bobby pinned my bangs back. By the time i was finshed there was a knock at the door.

I went to open the door to let Josh and Amberlynn in. When I opened the door is wasnt Amberlynn or Josh. It was Harry. Why after 2 months does he just show up here.


Cliff hanger. So I'll try and update tomorrow. If you do read this i would like to know how well I did. Thaks guys. Hope you like this