christmas special

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Love you guys so much! I never thought i'd grow so much in such little time.

My other x reader surprised me enough that anyone wanted to read that. It is very bad and doesn't add up so i recommend not reading it. Anyway, why not  do a christmas special?

"Wow Sunny. You sure are dressed up. "

Instead of Sunnys original attire, he had a red and white hat on. It fit with the character of santa. His outfit was not yellow and orange instead there was red and white replacing those colors.

You smiled at him, checking out your own outfit. A elf costume, seeing as Sunny was Santa, you had to be an elf.

He did his little 'hoo hoo hoo' he always does and turned to the kids.

"What do you want for christmas, little one? " the kids looked at him confused.

"Sunny, why're you dressed as Santa? " one asked, hugging his teddie.

"Yeah, you can't really pull the guy off. " Samuel giggled, grabbing something out of his bag. He handed you a box, wrapped in colorful paper. "This is for you y/n. " it had a cute green bow on top.

"Ah, thank you so much Samuel. " you sat down on the mats, beginning to take off the bow slowly. You had never thought Samuel would be somebody to give gifts so you didn't want to seem rude and tear it open quickly. You placed the bow down, tearing off the wrapping paper.

What was revealed was (the present you want most this year!), making you grin in delight.

"Oh, wow! " you beamed at the gift, hugging it in your arms like a child.

"Don't thank me, thank Sunny. He told me to get it for you. " Samuel answered your thoughts from earlier. You knew he wasn't someone to buy gifts.

You looked over to Sunny, smiling at him.

"Thank you Sunny! "  you ran to him, wrapping your arms around his torso and planting a kiss on his cold face. His eyes lit up a bright pink and you cheekily grinned, backing up with a slight blush too. "Thank you. " you said one more time, turning to Samuel and now Sammi.

"I knew it! " Samuel yelled, clasping his hands together.

"My ship has sailed! " Sammi bounced in her place, making you giggle.

"The best gift i could wish for is all of you. "

This isn't part of the story just thought i should make special.

The last line goes to all of you too! ❤

You guys always make my day with the comments, be it negative or positive! I still love you all.

Merry christmas!!!

By the way i know some it is 10 right now but for me it is christmas.

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