5. Pack Mentality

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Thoughts? I've tried and tried and I end up writing more of the action-y stuff, but I'll try to include the monotony that is their work behind the desks. The time jumps just keep it interesting for me, so excuse those too. This is just the first draft so... Enjoy:)



I hated the word.

Born an alpha but always a lone wolf at heart, it wasn't surprising a knife was held to my throat as soon as I got into the City. Packs were everywhere, just not as seedy when outside the hustle and bustle of the huge businesses and buildings. I knew of the pack miles off always happy to help, with two male alphas mated and never too busy for Pack Meetings in the city. A lion and wolf shifter... I'd thought I'd seen it all until I was practically raised by them in my late teens.

I was obviously wrong as I glowered at the wolf holding my partner up with a silver blade to his throat. Abe didn't look too worried as he blanked. His eyes were dull as he stared straight ahead and I got the chilling feeling that this wasn't going to end well. Sure, I could easily tear off this limb and proceed to destroy this whole gang of delinquent pack members, but...

My furious wolf and I came to an agreement that it would mean harming the tiny pixie held by the stinking mutt. I let out a growl of discontent, shoved forward until I felt Abe's arm brush mine. I automatically latched onto him, bringing him in front of me as we were marched forward. At least if they wanted to slice, my back would be the first thing to be hit instead of his smaller frame.

Abe was silent though. Nothing. No teasing, no laughs, no jokes. Absolutely nothing. "Abe," I whispered, cocking my head and pushing his face around so that he could read my lips. The first time I actually try to initiate something and he was ignoring me. The one person who had never ignored someone in his life.

A flash of white confused me, a fang poking out from his bottom lip, the scent of blood hitting my nose. "Abe!" I growled softly, hoping the vibration from my chest could be felt through his uniform shirt.

Piercing crimson eyes met mine as he growled right back. "Relax, Septimus," His voice was raspy, body pulled up tight like a drawstring. "I'm just trying not to drain these idiots."

I didn't let go, not caring at the thought of the blood being drained, but knowing that he'd get hurt if he actually went and did as he wanted to, or rather this new Vampyric side. "So you're vamp, then," I noted softly.

"That and more," I heard him utter, his sharp eyes never leaving my lips. "Hmm. You smell lovely."

I cleared my throat, willing the blood not to rush to my cheeks. I had torn out my fair share of Vampyric throats but his soft tone was making my body react in too many foreign ways. "You sound like you're mumbling around those fangs."

"Enough!" Someone barked and shoved me forward. I moved on instinct, rolling around so that Abe landed on me and me inside the back of the truck. I moved us back, snarling and growling the whole way as two of the men got in after us while the doors slammed shut and left us in the pitch black. I blinked, meeting the blood red eyes of Abe as he had turned around to hug my chest, huffing as he perched his chin on my chest. "Can I just take a nibble?" He whined, making the two wolves get a little skittish from behind us.

"I had guesses. Many. But I didn't think you'd be a blood sucker," I snorted.

"Half, Wolf," He countered, poking my chest. "I'll let you guess the other since I let the Vamp out of the bag here."

"Calm down," I hushed. "Breathe. We just need to get through this alive."

"What I need is to drain these mutts dry and then get us out of here!" Abe roared, his bloodlust overtaking any reasoning or smiles he'd had before. He swung his head around to leer at the now shuddering wolves and I choked on my saliva. Vampires were not known to be terrifying to this degree, but I'd leave this for later to think on. When we weren't held captive and possibly going to suffer a painful experience before the taskforce sent out a rescue party in an hour or so when we didn't report back.

"Shh," I soothed, dragging his hand back from where it had curled into a claw to grip it in mine. "Remember. The Chief said to stay calm."

He nuzzled into my neck, making my breath stutter as his breathing hitched. He was hungry. Nobody had gotten this close to me, and I had never let anyone within seven inches of my jugular. It was too similar to submission and I was not submissive. Yet, here was this little vampyre hybrid inhaling my scent like I was his next meal.

He pulled back abruptly.

I'd actually prepared myself mentally for the bite but his jerk to put some space between us had me whining and dragging him back. "If it helps," I mouthed, so softly the other two annoying wolves couldn't hear.

He breathed in a ragged gasp, teeth scraping along my skin. His fingers clenched in my shirt, nearly tearing it before he bit down with a snarl. I kept silent, the pain leeched from my body as he let the saliva touch my neck. The tender sucking motion drew up wells of blood into his mouth, my fingers spasming in his shirt and muscles drooping into utter relief. He pulled back after half a minute of drinking, eyes still crimson as he pouted and occupying himself by licking at my neck. "Sorry... I'm sorry, Septimus..." He whispered. "I was just so hungry. I wanted to kill them for touching you."

"We don't want any of them to be hurt too badly," I whispered, wiping the pad of my thumb over a smudged bit of blood of his bottom lip. "Do we?"

"I don't know about you, but I would personally enjoying slicing a few limbs off for even laying a dirty paw on you," He muttered. "I may not be hungry for blood, but I am hungry to make these morons suffer."

Something made me want to do the very thing I avoided. I laughed. A hoarse sound to be sure, but it was a laugh. The first in decades.

Abe pouted up to me still, but I saw the glint of wonder in his lovely crimson eyes as one of his hands were touching my heaving chest. "It's not funny!"

"You're too cute to be taken seriously with those threats," My traitorous mouth got out before I could shut it.

What made my embarrassingly affectionate slip-up worth it was his cute blush. "So Grumpy Fangs thinks I'm cute, eh?" He murmured and I coughed, looking away from his eyes.

"You're delusional. Shut up and sit tight," I grumbled.

"Oh ho no!" He guffawed. "You are so not getting out of that! First step, admitting you think I'm cute. The next, we're professing our undying love for one another."

He left me in shock as he snickered, rolling around to duck his head against my neck. "I'm a little sleepy..." his voice broke me from the haze and I blushed again.

"Then sleep," I huffed, rolling us over so that I shielded him from view but kept my senses on high alert. "I'll wake you when we get there."

"You'd better be saying you'll wake me up," He sounded sluggish as he shut his eyes and was snoring softly. My hand automatically moved to card through his coal-coloured hair, getting a soft purr and nuzzle from his head.

I was going to kill them if I got the chance. That was a promise.

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