13 & Pregnant {14}

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I ran away from my mums room and made it to the steps I decended carefully to make sure I dont slip.

I was about to grab the door handle when Matt pulled me back by my hair and pressed the cold blade to my neck.

"I really don't know what you see in him" Matt said as he pressed the knife harder.

"Matt please" I said trying to beg but I know it wouldnt work.

"Sweet heart theres no reason to beg, in just a few minutes you'll be with your mother" He said and brought the knife down but he was still holding onto my hair.

He walked me over to the dining room and tied me to a chair and gagged me. He lit the gas cooker and I instantly knew what was about to happen. He brought out matches but didnt light it.

"Theres a way to escape this" He said to me as he leaned on the kitchen counter casually like he was not about to burn my baby and I alive.

"You could come with me and never come back here or you could die now and leave all 'this' behind" He said as he held the matches about to scratch it.

I looked around and noticed no one was aroud to help me. There was no Ryan, my mum is probably dead upstairs and I dont hear any sirens, im helpless. If I die i'll leave Ryan and I'll let my baby down but if I live i'll still leave Ryan but i'll have my baby.

With my stupid 13 year old mind i said "I'll come with you" through my gag which probably sounded like jibrish to him.

He took out the gag and I spat on him.


He slapped me twice across the face and yet again, it stung like a bitch.

I noticed that the knife was on the table.

"Matt i'll come with you" I said unwillingly.

"Now your talking" he said laughing with no humour at all.

He cut the ropes and everything and let me stand up.He tried to grab me by my upper arm but I quickly grabbed the knife from the table and walked away from him.I backed away from him towards the kitchen counter. He charged at me full force and I yelped and slashed mindlessly with my eyes closed. I opened one eyes and noticed blood all over my hands and dropped the knife. I looked down and saw matt with a cut to his stomach probably bleeding to death. I thought about my mum and quickly grabbed the knife and ran upstairs to check on her.

I walked into her room slowly and dropped the knife and ran over to my mum and ofcourse she wasn't alive. I cried and hugged my mum rocking back and forth.

Have you ever felt alone even though you have people around you? Well that feeling sucks but what sucks more is when you feel alone with no one to turn to. Im 13 and alone and scared.

I left my mum and put the blankets over her and kissed her forehead. I walked downstairs into the kitchen expecting to see a dead Matt.

No there was no Matt just a puddle of blood and a blood trail leading to the laundry room.

Well this might not end well.

So many cliffhangers lol. I'll update within an hour or two. Have a nice night. See u in two hours people. Btw I want 100 votes plzzz and more comments. This chapter is starting to look really short but anyway bye xx


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