The Aftermath

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(A/N): I'm just gonna skip the whole fight cuz I'm lazy.

The Following Day
All Might POV

Me: The last flames inside me have gone out. The "Symbol of Peace" is dead.

I won the fight, but the remaining power of One For All inside me has completely gone.

Shigaraki and his friends managed to escape with All For One's help. But AFO has been imprisoned in Tartarus.

Me: However, there're still some things I have to do.

Gran Torino: Shigaraki Tomura. Shimura's grandson, huh...

I just found out that Shigaraki is my master's grandson.

Me: Wait, before we start talking about my master and her family, I want to ask about Young (Y/N)'s current condition.

Tsukauchi: Well, thanks to Childe, (Y/N) has been freed from police custody.

He then played a recording.

"Now then, Dabi... Even though I'm a hero, I won't hesitate to kill you right here, right now."

Childe's voice.

"Scary. Well, it's true that I set (Y/N) up. If only he didn't refuse my offer, then he won't lose his arm."

"Then how did you guys found the training camp?"

"Beats me. Shigaraki is the one that gave us the location. But if you ask me, I'm sure there's a traitor amongst the students."

And with that, the recording ended.

Me: So he did that to Young (Y/N) just because...

Tsukauchi: Yes, it just because (Y/N) refuse his offer to join LoV.

Me:*pissed* Unbelievable...!!

Gran Torino: There's nothing we can do now.

Tsukauchi: He's right. (Y/N) has decided to continue his study in UA, so let's just pray for his success.

That Night

I was at the same seaside that Deku cleaned up for his training to inherit One For All.

All Might was with me and we were waiting for Deku to show up.

I was wearing a black shirt and I put my gray jacket on my back.

Deku: All Might...!! (Y/N)...!!

Me:*waves* Konbu.

All Might:*waves* Took you long enough...!!

Deku: All Might...

All Might: Texas...

He punched Deku.

He punched Deku

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