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"Haha, look at that noob." Titus Alexius, one of your enemies said to you. "I'm not a noob, I just can't pay attention." You said as you blushed. "Yeah, we're sure." He said as he came closer to you for making another magic and kill you, but he stopped. You looked up to see him, when you looked up, you schoked. Titus was there, in front of you, helding a hand for you. "Hey, are you gonna stand up?" He said and you held his hand. "Why are you helped me instead of killing me?" You asked looked down. "I just can't kill noobs or vulnerables." Titus said as he started to walk. "I-I'm telling you, I'm not a noob!" You yelled after him. "Don't you heard me? I said noobs or vulnerables. I'm not telling you noob, I'm telling you, you were so poor." He said and continued walking. "And because of this everyone hates you! Why are you act like a ... a ... I don't know how to explain-" "Do you know anything?" He said looking deeply into your eyes. "What?"
"I said do you know anything?" He said came closer to you. "O-of course I know-" "Then why was your all magics were suck?" He said continued came closer to you. You took one last step back and you felt the cold wall behind you. "Now you don't have anywhere to run. Answer me." He said putting his two hands to the wall. One of his hands was at your right and the other one was at your left. "I'm telling you. I didn't pay attention!" You yelled to him. "Why?" He said came closer. He was almost gonna kiss you. "What why?" You asked and blushed. "You heard me, why you weren't pay attention?" You felt his cold breath on your cheeks. That made you more blush. "If you will tell me the reason, I can help you about how to pay your attention." He asked. Now his hands were helding yours. You blushed more. "I-I don't know what interest me that too much to not pay attention in a duel." You answered. "If you want to find, I can help you. We can find it by where you look at." He answered and you nodded. He smiled. "Your expression can change too quickly." You mumbled. "I know." He answered looking at you. "D-did you heard?" You asked and he nodded. 'Shit' You thought. You two started to walk. You arrived to area where you two fight all the time. 'Wait, I know the thing which is interested me before. I had always looked at him. Am I, in love with him? Wait, and if we are gonna make a duel, he will know that I'm in love with him! Wait again! I'm not in love with him. Haha, I'm not sure. Uhh baka!' "Uhh baka!" You said as you facepalmed yourself. Then it hit you. Titus. He was there. Looking at you like you are an alien. "A-hahahhaha. G-gomen nasai!" You said and bowed down. "It's okay. Can we continue now?" He said. "Hai!" You said and smiled. 'Why the fuck am I smiling!? He is gonna know that I like him! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-' "Destruction!" He said and cut your fantasizes. "Ckkkkkkkkkkk!" You said and started to run. "Halharl Infigar!" You heard Aladdin's voice. "Aladdin! Wait! Don't hit him!" You yelled him to stop. "Why onee-san!? No one can try to kill you!" He said and prepared again. "N-no! It is just a practice!" You said and he stopped. "Yeah, it is just a normal practice. I'm not trying to kill your 'Onee-san'." Titus said and came closer to us. "You bast-" You covered Aladdin's mouth. "I-I think you should go now Aladdin." You said and nervously laughed. "Hai onee-san!" Aladdin said and happily went where he came from. You sighed of relief and when you turned around, you found Titus, inches away from you face. "A-a-"
"What are you gonna say?" Titus said and smirked. "Nothing. Let's just practice." You said and started to walk but he held you. "If you're not gonna say something, then I have something to tell you." He said and hugged you. "I like you." He said. "Wait, what?" You said and he tightened his hands. "No, I don't like you. I love you. Since you came here. When I first saw you, I fall in love with you. I know, I acted like a stupid tsundere. No, I'm already a stupid tsundere. A stupid and a tsundere. I want to act cool and make you fall in love with me. If you're gonna ask me why am I telling you those things, my friends told me that it was better to let you know. Even if that's impossible, I just want you to fall in love with me. With a twerp like me. Pervert, jerk, bastard. A piece of-"
"Wait do you have any friends?" You asked like an idiot. "Yes I have! And you're not giving attention to what I sa- wait I found what interested you too much." He said and smirked. He came closer to your face. "Do you like me?" He asked. "No, I don't." You said and blushed. "Are you sure?" He asked again. "No, I don't lik-" Your words cut by a pair of lips. Titus's lips. "Now tell me, do you like me?" He asked again with a stubborn tone. "No." You said blushing and looked down at the ground.
"I love you."

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