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"They say, "You're a little
much for me. You're a liability.
You're a little much for me""

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I wander to find Phastos, yawning as I approach his little lab.

I sneeze as I enter and he says "Go away if you're gonna distract me."

"I won't distract. What're you working on?"

"I have an idea on how to amplify Druig's powers but it's gonna take me a little while. I will work on getting something to help with your memory after I get the Uni mind started."

I nod and say out of nowhere "You have a cute kid Phastos."

He shakes his head and says "Thank you. I've known, but thank you."


He says "No distracting me."

"I'm curious about some things! Come on! Everyone else is too weird to tell me non-sappy things about me and I wanna know the real details."

He groans and says "Fine. I'll give you 3 questions."

"No way! 10!"




I smile and say "okay. So, how did Druig and I start dating?"

He says "That's not a question for me. That's a question for Druig."

"Okay fine that doesn't count as a question then. So can you explain my powers to me?"

He nods and says "You shoot cosmic energy from your hands and you can fly."

I gasp and say "I can fly?! No fucking way!"


I laugh and say "Oh my god I can fly? Show me how!"

He sighs and says "I'm not the one that can fly, talk to Ikaris if you want help flying."

I smile and say "He's kind of a jerk right?"

"You two always butted heads. Ever since we arrived on the ship. He attempted to woo you and you didn't even give him a second glance."

I laugh and say "Good. He seems grouchy. Doesn't really seem like someone I'd vibe with."

He shakes his head and says "You were closest with Makkari, Druig, Thena, and Gilgamesh."

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