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A/N:This chapter contains lemon.

--Normal POV--
Rouges eyes were wide with surprise as Sting kissed him. He slowly eased in to the kiss before sting pulled away. "I like you too dummy."

Rogue was relieved to hear those words. All he wanted was to kiss the blonde again. The shadow Mage leaned in for another kiss. Their lips met. This time they kissed with more passion.

Sting licked the blackettes bottom lip begging for an entrance. The shadow Mage teased him, trying not to part his lips wide enough for him to slide his tongue in. The blonde reached for Rogues ass giving it a squeeze. The shadow Mage gasped allowing Sting to slide his tongue in. Sting explored the caverns of Rogues mouth. The dragon slayers tongues battled for dominance. They only pulled away to gasp for air, a long string of saliva connecting the two.

Sting had pushed Rogue onto the wall where the two continued to make out, more sloppily this time. Sting lifted Rogue, who had straddled him during their make out session, and carried him from the kitchen to the couch. Sting dropped the blackette ok the couch where they preceded to make out. Rogue tugged at Stings tight shirt in an attempt to take it off. The blonde sensed his trouble and swiftly removed his shirt before removing the shadow mages own.

Sting then began to trail kisses from his partners neck to his bare chest stopping to suck the blackettes hardened nipples. "Ahhh....Sting." the shadow Mage moaned as Sting gave the same treatment to his other nipple.

The blonde felt something tickle his inner thigh. After realizing that it was Rogues erection he began to rub it through the cloth of his pants receiving many wanton moans. Sting reached for the blackettes belt. After fumbling with the buckle a few times he successfully pulled it off along with Rogues pants. He quickly did the same with his own. The two were now only in their boxers. The blonde traced his fingers across the line of Rogues boxers before sliding them off. Sting grabbed Rogues shaft and started moving his hand up and down slowly. He then began to lick the tip before Engulfing as much as he could in his mouth. He began to bob his head up and down on the shadow mages length. "Ngghh........Sting.. Ahhh..... I'm gonna.." his warning was to late, his seed erupted into Stings mouth. Sting swallowed as much as he could while the rest splattered onto his face.

Sting slid off his own boxers. Rogue gaped at his size. "It's not polite to stare you know." A bright red blush covered both dragon skaters faces. Sting leaned down to Rogues face and planted a kiss on his mouth. He then liked his fingers and reached down to Rogues anus. He slid one finger in. And slowly moved it in and out before adding a second finger. Rogue clenched his teeth trying bit to think of the pain that slowly began to fade away. The blonde could feel Rogues walls clench but they began to loosen as he continued to pump his fingers in and out. Sting removed his fingers eager to replace them with his hardening member.

Sting leaned over Rogue lifting his legs onto his shoulders. "You ready?" He eagerly asked the blackette who nodded his head. He lined himself up and slowly inserted the tip. Rogues face was full of pain. "Do you want me to continue?" The blonde questioned him ad he responded with a small nod. He slowly thrusted the rest of his length into Rogue who let out a scream if pain. Tears began to brim in the shadow mages eyes. Sting began to thrust in and out faster and soon Rogues pain was replaced by pleasure as Sting hit his prostate. "Sting.. More... go..HARDER.. AND FASTER." The blackette demanded between heavy breaths. Sting obliged and thrust even harder.

They were both near their climax. "Rogue... I'm gonna...cum." "Me too." The dragon slayers came at the same time. Rogue could feel the blondes juices inside him as he came. Their wanton moans filled the air as they both climaxed.

Sting collapsed next to Rogue in the sofa and whispered, "I love you." Rogue turned to face Sting "I love you too." he managed to say as Sting pulled him into an embrace. Rogue was up against Stings chest and listened to his heartbeat as he drifted off to sleep. Sting ha fallen asleep right before Rogue had. They were both dreaming of each other.
A/N: I suck at endings lol. I'm pretty proud of myself. That was some hardcore smut. Wow. I never knew I was capable of writing smut like that. Anyways I hope you enjoyed lol.

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