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Not having anything to do was not always fun. Especially after you got used to a busy routine and suddenly not following it was not a good feeling even after three months. Mashal felt bored as she watched Ginny play by herself. It was one of those days where she is bored out of her mind.

"Ginny, what should we do?" Looking at her clock, she noticed that the time was just eleven in the morning. It's been a few hours since Murat left for his work. Leaving her alone with his cat. The loneliness was making her go crazy if anything. With a sigh, she walked towards the guest room. Which no longer is just a bedroom but her writing corner. 

She has always wanted a space for writing peacefully but was shy in asking about it with her parents. Because that would mean they'd pry about what was she writing. She didn't want them to read her works obviously. So never dared to ask them for any room like this. But Murat was a different story.

No one apart from him knows about her love for writing. She didn't share anything with anyone after being teased about it by her friends. Not even her family. Even Murat was not allowed to read her works and he respects her boundaries. She smiled thinking about him.

It's been a few days since that night where they confessed to each other. Mashal was still in the euphoric feeling. To know Murat was falling in love with her was making her heart flutter in happiness for it still felt like a dream. The glow on her face and glitter in her eyes said exactly how happy she was. It was truly a memorable moment of her life. Thinking about it again made her cheeks flush.

Her fingers moved rhythmically as she typed her heart out in her latest story. If there was anything good about being a stay at home wife then it would be this. To be able to write whenever she wanted without much disturbance. Meher used to distract her a lot when she wrote her previous novel which took nearly two years to complete. It was a series of three books and they come out good. But this book hardly took six months and she was nearing its end already.

Her phone beeped with a notification and her eyes lit up brightly noticing a message from Murat. She opened it as soon as she saw that.

What should I buy for you? Silver or gold?

Mashal blinked a few times, gazing at her phone in awe

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Mashal blinked a few times, gazing at her phone in awe. Was he being serious right now? She gushed excitedly whilst zooming into the bangles.

Where are you though?

She loved bangles. She had a huge collection of them racked on her shelves. Especially like this one which is made out of metals. Her heart skipped a beat realising Murat has noticed even the tiniest details about her.

This man! She laughed to herself feeling absolutely blessed to be his wife. What did she do to get him?

Came here to shoot a commercial in the local bangles store and they reminded me of you. So I thought to buy you one.

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