Chapter 17: La Liga Party 2.0

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Scarlet's Point of View:


"Woah there Scarlet. Since when do you swear?" Gerard looked to see what I was staring at, "Oh yeah, he basically wants to end your life."

I flinched at his words, "I'll see you soon, I need to go look for my team."

I was walking toward the front door when somebody covered my eyes. "Guess who."

"Marco Reus?" I questioned.

I felt a soft whack against my head, and then I was turned around, "Cristiano!" I hugged him.

"Have you seen James?"

"Want to get rid of me so soon don't you?" He pretended to cry."He is by the food, like always."

"Thank you!" I patted his shoulder,and speed walked to the food.

Without noticing I had bumped into somebody, "Whoops sorry!" They had yelled, before leaving me falling backwards.

I felt arms wrap around my waist, catching me. Once I was stable I looked to see who had caught me. "Oh, hey Marc." I greeted him awkwardly.

He nodded, and looked behind me, "I think James wants you." He said with a scowl, "By the way, you look stunning." He smiled looking in my eyes.

"Thank you. You look very handsome yourself." My awkwardness feeling as if it had flushed away.

I looked back and did not see James there, so I decided to stay with Marc longer.


After chatting with Marc about anything, and everything for nearly two hours, I realized I would have to perform in front of everyone in thirty minutes. "I'm sorry Marc, but I have to go get ready. I had a great time. I'll see you later?" I questioned hopeful.

"Yes, yes, of course. Good luck with James."

I quickly hugged him, and might have accidentally kissed his cheek. I face palmed myself once I was a couple feet away. Now he's going to think that I like him.

I went backstage and started my warm ups of different ranges. I practiced singing the song a couple times, and then it was time to perform. I would be playing the piano too, so that would distract me from looking at the audience, which was a good thing. "Everyone please welcome, Scarlet Ramos." I heard clapping, and I took that was my cue to go on.

I looked across the crowd and found James frowning at me, I was confused, but kept looking around. I saw Sergio and half of the team going crazy blowing me kisses, and screaming, I laughed at this. Finally after all of the other teams, I made eye contact with Marc. He was with the rest of the Barcelona boys, and half of them were smiling, the other half just standing there looking bored, probably they were the ones upset with me. 'Go get 'em tiger.' I saw Marc mouth at me and wink. I sat down at the chair, and took a breathe, then played.


As I finished I opened my eyes, which had been closed the entire time, and looked at Marc, who was staring at the ground. I closed my eyes again, and finished the last key. People started clapping, while I smiled, and left the stage after a few seconds.

I heard footsteps running toward me, and I turned around to see a Barcelona defender coming towards me. Marc grabbed my face and kissed me, at first I didn't know how to react, but then I went along. It was soft and slow, full of passion and desire. "You do not know how long I wait to do that again." Marc set his forehead against mine.

"What was that?" I snapped my head to the right, hearing somebody move.

"It was probably a worker or something." Marc assured me.

James Rodriguez's Point of View

Tonight was officially the worst. Of course Scarlet would like Marc better than me. She has history with him, they already know everything about each other, and I was just a speed bump in the road. I went outside to burn the song I wrote earlier, I would just feel like a joke if I sang it to her now. After Scarlet was done performing I was going backstage to congratulate her, but of course Marc was there, so I just left.

"Hey man, I think I'm gonna go home." I fake yawned, "I pretty tired." I lied to Cristiano, who was the driver.

"Yeah man go ahead. Want me to give you a ride?"

"No, no. I'll just go home with a taxi, no big deal." It actually felt good to know that Cris has my back in situations like these.

"Alright see you tomorrow. Practice at eight."


Once I got home I went to change into some comfortable clothes and sleep. I opened my closet doors, and looked for a shirt. I saw one of my Colombia jerseys, and grabbed it. I sat down on my bed and stared at it. I closed my eyes tightly, trying not to cry. This was the shirt Scarlet wore when she spent the night here. Shirtless, I shut the closet doors and took my pants off. I crawled under the sheets, and held the jersey to my chest.

Authors Note;

This chapter was sad to write towards the end. I have good news!! I decided to write a new book, and it's about Sergio Ramos called Just A Daydream Away. I am planning on updating that every other day, and having short chapters. I am probably staying up all night, so I don't have to wake up at like four AM to watch Real Madrid. Lets be honest here though, I'd stay up for a week if it meant to be able to watch Real Madrid matches constantly. But yeah, if I do end up doing that I will probably be writing, so I'll be ahead on my stories.

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