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I take her hand and guide her onto the dance floor before pulling her close to me. I place a kiss upon her lips as the song begins, warmth flooding my heart and soul as the world looks at us. Alana places her forehead against mine and we flow into the song; the world disappears and it's just us.

We've changed into our evening wear. I'm wearing a casual red ensemble and Alana is wearing a white cocktail dress. It's very cute and she looks very good in it, to be completely honest. Good enough that I want to rip it off her body and make love to her on the dance floor. It would be heaven to part her beautiful legs and dip my tongue deep into her core, but I had to go through the whole boring wedding mess. I hated it — the best part about the wedding is honestly the honeymoon. If you can't tell my intrusive thoughts were winning, today, Alana brought me closer to her body and I had to actively fight the urge to pull down her dress and take her right there.

It would be easy consider her dress had no straps and a very high slit. Instead of doing what my deepest desires were telling me to do, I spun her out, to get some relief, and twirled her. Alana giggles when she spins back into my arms and we sway to the soothing voice of the singer as she belts out the Universe and U by KT Tunstall. It was honestly the perfect song that described Alana and I. It was everything that I believe we both wanted to tell each other but never had the guts to do so.

"Tell me, Mrs. Grey-Salvatore, how are you this evening?"

"More than perfect," Alana murmurs as she kisses me, "Thank you."

"For what?" She spins me away from her before meeting me in the middle.

"For loving me."

I look to her and see the emotion in her eyes, "How could I not, Angel?"

"Loving me is hard, even I know." She answers.

I laugh, "And loving me is such a cakewalk?"

"Yup," I dip Alana, "I knew I loved you a long time ago, I just wasn't ready to say it."

"When did you know?" I can't help but ask urgently.

She pretends to ponder over if she's going to answer me or not before laying her head on my chest. "When we were on the run, the night that I forgot to put water in the bowl while I was making noodles. Remember? The microwave exploded. You laughed at me like we weren't on the run, like you had never experienced a bad day or moment in your life. You laughed and I felt like I could breathe."

"That is the cheesiest thing you've ever said to me," I joke softly and I can feel her smile into my chest.

"You had to ruin the moment, didn't you?"

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