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Alana practically rips my clothes off before pulling hers off and tossing them across the room. She wastes no time before kissing me and feeling every inch of my body that she can get to. We're a moaning excitable mess as our arousal floods between our legs. A week without sex had driven us nearly crazy and all of her frustration was flowing into me.

Her lips leave hickeys behind as they roam over my body in search for the spot that will have me begging. She catches my nipple between her teeth and watches me as I gasp at the sensation of hard teeth against my perked up nipples. Her tongue presses flat onto the bud as her hand finds my other nipple and rolls it between her fingers. Alana's tongue is heaven against my nipple, I moan lowly as she sucks hard and purposeful.

"Damn," I whisper and she smiles against me. She makes a popping sound as she releases my nipple and flicks it. My pussy clenches at the painful feeling. "Why are you teasing me?"

Alana laughs before silencing my complaints with a rough and passionate kiss. She grinds her pussy  on top of my own as we kiss hard. Alana takes ahold of my jaw before pulling away. "Open."

"What?" I murmur in confusion as I try to focus. My mind is so wrapped up in her body against mine that I can't even understand what she's saying. A sharp pain hits my face and knocks me to my senses. "Alana!"

"That is not what you call me." She growls out before grinding into me and leaning down so that I am staring at her fully in the eyes. "You wanna try saying that again."

I can't help but find her anger sexy. She was so alluring— her eyes glinting in the light that pours through the windows and balcony door. Her hair falls freely around her head before she swoops it to one side of her face. "Angel, you slapped me."

"I told you I was going to be impolite." She says sweetly with a slight pout of her mouth.

I smile, "Mmm, go ahead."

"Open," she grips my jaw, "your mouth." I do so and I watch as she spits into my mouth. Her other hand dipping between her legs. "Swallow."

I do.

She moans as she pushes her thumb into my mouth. Her warm wetness tastes good on my tongue. Alana watches me greedily, "Suck. That's right, I like when Daddy follows directions instead of asking questions."

"You taste delicious, baby." I mutter and she slips down my body before pushing my legs apart. Alana kisses my thighs softly as she listens to me. Each time she gets closer and closer to my opening I can't help but jerk. "I can't want until I eat you out. I'm gonna have you cumming hard on my tongue."

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