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I hated running a gang.

That's literally such a lie but right now, I was stuck in a two hour meeting that felt like it was never going to end. It was a good thing that I had alcohol to cope.

God I needed to go to AA or I was going to be Brooklyn 2.0 and that was not the greatest thing to do. Brooklyn could handle being drunk off their ass, I on the other hand can not.

"So everyone owes me money." I interrupt James.

"No, three sub gangs do." James pulls her blonde hair away from her chest and lets it fall to her back. "The Black Phantoms paid, with interest."

I grinned. "See, a little motivation always works."

"You didn't even give her hand to Dahlia." Brooklyn snorts.

"The whole waitresses dying ruined it." I said unkindly. Leyanna didn't even know her hand was gone by the time I gave it to Diana. "But I did give it back to her, they sowed it back on."

"That's kind?" James muttered as her face flushed green. "Well, it got us the 1 million dollars."

"There are four police stations looking into the influx of drugs on the market." Misha deadpanned. "They weren't exactly subtle with the push."

"Fuck." My grin fell and I groaned, I look at Delphi. "Get some throwaways to incriminate the detectives or give them money, I don't care how. Just get them off our ass."

"Got it," She murmured lost in thought. I eyed her before dismissing it — she was always a head in the clouds kind of girl but she seemed off.

"Brook, I need you to go to the Georgia house and run things a little bit closer to Baby."

"Regina and I don't get a long, you know that." Brooklyn growls and I roll my eyes. Oh that was to put it kindly because Reggie didn't really like anyone who breathed in her direction. One night of dancing had led to the soft kidnapping of Reggie that I definitely should've ended earlier. But we were young and stupid and we had power over her that we could extort. Either way, somehow by the end of the night Brooklyn had ended up leaving Reggie on the side of the road...in the rain.

I got an earful from Reggie's older brother and her.

"You're grown ass adults. Plus, with Baby taking over her brother's gang, we need to make sure she's on our side."

"Do you know the shit that's going down? The fact that she's the heir to-"

"I don't care. Our concern is having her on our side, what she does with her new title is something we need to be in the loop in but we don't know shit all the way up here."

Brooklyn's eyes turned dark as her jaw clenched but she said nothing. I glance at Misha worriedly but she nodded in agreement with me. "Baby is a wild card, we need to know she's not a danger to the system."

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