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Legit made this book waaaay before the game came out and right when it came out there was thousands of people flooding my book so im like 😃 wowed. But i updated so here 😊

"Nope, i don't think you'll be able to. " You smiled at him, feeling him tighten his grip on your hand and run ahead which dragged you along.

"I can calculate where the best hiding spot is. " He laughed. You pointed towards a blob of brown by the lower play place.

"There she is! " Sunnys hand left yours to run after the girl. You giggled as she got chased around, finally getting caught. "You betrayed me Sammi! " you yelled as she walked over, a pout on her face.

"Every man for himself. " She laughed, putting her hands on her hips.

"You little-!" You started chasing her around, she was screaming like i was trying to kill her. Finally, you tackled her on the mats, collapsing in fits of giggles. "That's what you get!"

"Shut up y/n! " She pushed you lightly.

"Hey! Don't tell my assistant to shut up! " Sammi looked over to Sunny with a mischievous grin then back to me.

"Shut..up..y/n. " You both looked to Sunny to which he picked up Sammi, taking her over to the group of kids. He told them something and then skipped back to me.

He held his hand out to you, which you gladly took, and pulled you up.

"I will teach her not to say such rude things! " He still had his hand on yours, making you pull it away with a faint blush. "Hey friend- i mean y/n, lets go back to the kids together! You make up fun games. " not even a second after you pulled your hand away, it was back in his. He pulled you along, turning back to you every once in awhile.

"Since y/n makes the best games, she should pick what we do next! " He turned to the kids, his hand still on mine.

"Aww Sunny and y/n are holding hands! " One kid yelled which made everyone look to our hands. Sunny seemed unphased by this, still holding onto my hand.

"Y/n, are you dating Sunny!? " Sammi squealed like a 6th grade girl and bounced in her spot. "Aw, i ship i ship! "

"You sound like an annoying bitch right now. " Samuel turned to his sister, a scowl on his face.

"That is not daycare friendly language! " Sunny shouted, finally letting go of my hand to hold his finger up. "Time out! " He grabbed Samuel, carrying him far from us.

"I'm too old for this. " you heard him mumble as he got carried away.

"So...Y/n! Are you dating him? Are you? " she looked up at you with puppy dog eyes and her hands clasped together.

"Um...no. I'm sure he doesn't even know what that is. Also, he's a robot. Why would i be dating a robot? And- i don't like him like that! I'm sure he doesn't either. " you sputtered, saying multiple things quickly. She just smirked and nodded her head, looking towards Sunny who was still lecturing Samuel back in the corner.

"Hmph! If you won't tell the truth, i'll go ask Sunny! " She jogged over to Sunny, making you furrow your brows. You were telling the truth.

"Sammi!!" You groaned, turning to the kids who were staring at you. You never got to know any of their names and these kids were much younger than Sammi and Samuel. " What's your name? "

A short kid, about 3'2 , smiled at you. He had dark brown hair, almost black and brown eyes to match. His skin was peachy and he wore a red shirt with black pants.

"My name? It's Branni. " He still wore a grin, his braces shined at you. A lime green color coating the parts on each tooth. "You're y/n. "

"Yep, i am. Nice to meet you, Branni! " you shuffled his hair on top of his head, making him giggle.

"You know Sammi and Samuel are bad, that's why she comes here. " You raised a brow at the kids accusation.

"Oh, really? What does she do? " you asked, sitting down with him on the mats. He opened his mouth to say something but a little girl, 4'1 you'd say, butted in to the conversation.

"Sammi and Samuel's mom yells at her everytime before she goes into the daycare. But it's not because she's a bad mom. It's because they do bad things. " She took a side glance at the two in the far corner, shivering.

"So their momma takes them here. " The boy finished, playing with small blocks on the floor.

"Yeah, it's because Sammi and Samuel- " The girl was about to finish our conversation before Sammi sat down in our forming circle.

"I heard my name! What's up? " she grinned at the three of us, slowly a frown etched her face. "Well? Not going to tell me huh? " she looked over to me, pouting. "I expected at least you to tell me. "

You patted her back, gulping back any anxiety and asking her what the children meant.

"Sammi? Have you and Samuel ever done anything bad? " Sammi looked over to you with an arched brow.

"Well, yes, of course. Every kid has mistakes now and then. " She giggled, waving her hand at you in a way to tell you you're silly for asking that.

"No, i mean, bad bad. Why're you here everyday when you are at least in 9th grade? " you put on a serious face to show her you needed to know.

"Oh, i see, Branni and Leala told you about me and Samuels.." She clicked her tongue, looking over to you. " crime, i guess you could say. "

"What did you do? " you wanted to back away, having a bit of fear of the child.

"Stole from one of the shops. " she shrugged. Your shoulders dropped in relief that it wasn't anything like murder. "I'm ashamed of myself but Samuel is not. " you smiled at her.

"It's okay, Sammi. We should all forgive and forget. "

ok yall ik this was a bit short but even if there aren't a lot of moments with Sunny, i hope you enjoyed the moments with Sammi and some of the children.

i will update soon now that it is christmas break


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