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Caugh Off Guard

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Toto groaned.

"Nooooo..." He sighed. He did NOT want Mika to come to his school. She had hardly been this far on any walks he had ever taken her on and he could just imagine her sniffing everything in sight.

Then again, it wasn't as though he could just send Mika home to his house. His mother would eventually go into his room, most likely for cleaning, and find Mika probably tearing through some item of clothing.

Toto cupped his chin in his clenched hand between his forefinger and thumb and rested his elbow to his left arm as it wrapped around his waist. As he thought, most sound began to be shut out of his head and his mind became silent, so much, in fact, that you could almost hear his watch ticking -- ticking -- ticking.

A slight breeze ran across Toto's bare arms in his t-shirt causing him to lose his train of thought. He peered back and forth several times between the direction of his home and the direction of his school.

A deep sigh passed through his lips.

"Al...alright..." he groaned.

Mika's eyes widened, her pupils enlarging and her tail picked up speed. "Thank-"

"BUT..." Toto blurted before Mika could finish her show of gratitude. "I do NOT want to find you in ANY sort of trouble at the end of the day. Is that un. Der. Stood?" he finished, wagging his finger back and forth on every syllable of the last word of his sentence.

Mika's ears flattened against her head. She wasn't used to Toto being so stern. The only time that she could remember him ever being so vocal was a few years ago when she decided that his vintage comic book collection would make a good toilet. As much as she simply wanted to explore according to her own will and whims she wanted to follow what Toto was telling her. She hated seeing him upset at her.

"I understand," she said, giving a thorough nod and looking him directly in the eye, an aura of seriousness that she rarely mustered up shown in her gaze. It caught Toto off-guard, similar to his stern voice to Mika.

Toto took a glimpse at his watch. If they didn't leave immediately they would be scolded. Toto was afraid what a scolding would be like if directed at Mika, considering that, one, she hated scolding, and two, she wasn't even a student, even though she appeared to be.

"Mika, let's go." Toto clicked his tongue to his cheek, his usual call if he wanted her attention. Per usual, Mika recognized the sound and was promptly at his side. Toto shook his head, disoriented. Why did he just call Mika like a dog? She was a human. She was a dog, though. But she had a human body. He shook once more to get a hold of himself.

"C'mon," he spoke as the two darted down the road to school.

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