Chapter 18: The future...

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Chapter 18:The future

Chapter 18:



I was awake but I kept my eyes closed just enjoying the moment. The sun heated up my face, like a warm glow, and my head was on Cole's chest. I was counting his heartbeats, it was like a soft lullaby. My arms were wrapped around him, as his were around my back. I was so comfy and completely at piece that I didn't ever want to get up. I started drawing random patterns on his chest. I peeked through my lashes and saw he was still in his clothes from yesterday well minus a shirt and all I have to say is damn! I'll never get used to it, it was so....mmm! I was busy doodling on his chest that I didn't notice he was watching me until I looked up. He had a smile on his face as he just starred.


"I could get used to waking up with you." He said in a husky morning voice that was completely sexy. His statement sent my heart flying, in a very happy way.


"That's good, I don't want to move." I trailed off. He chuckled,


"How come I have a feeling there's a 'but' coming." He mused. I laughed lightly,

"But I have to pee." He laughed at me but reluctantly let me go, as I sprung up and shot to the bathroom. Life would be so much easier if we didn't have to waste time doing our business! Seriously! Have you ever notice when your doing something fun or are completely comfy those are the moments you need to go the most?! Uhg! So frustrating.

Once I was done I looked in the mirror, and saw I defiantly had bed head, but it surprisingly looked good chaotic. Almost like sex hair. I like it, but I wouldn't go out in public like this, just around the house on a lazy day. I walked back to see Cole humming to himself with his eyes closed half propped up on the head board. I jumped up in my bed, startling him in the process,


"You know what I think?" I asked smiling big at him. He chuckled, and threaded his fingers in my hair,


"No...what?" He asked, clearly amused by my carefree attitude. I went back to drawing random patterns on his chest,

"I think, today should be a lazy day. Just you and cooking, cleaning, chores, or school...just us, being lazy and doing whatever we want to." I kissed neck lightly and smiled when I felt him shudder slightly.

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