The Raid

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It was deep into the night, your mother and father had taken up space in one of the guest rooms and Ella and Michael had laid peacefully in their beds.

Only a few weeks had passed and you still hadn't woken up. No more petals fell but they were starting to wonder when you and the boys would wake up, or if you ever would.

Ella tossed and turned in her rest, a bad feeling erupting in her stomach all though she couldn't pinpoint what it was. All she knew was that she hadn't heard from Felix, Seena, or Detective Walker.



She sat up quickly, Michael doing the same as he flip the blanket off of himself and stood to walk quickly over to the door.


It sounded again, the earsplitting noise that sounded as though someone was banging on something.

Michael carefully opened the door and shushed his wife before walking outside into the hall.


There he was met with your father.

"You heard it to?" Jihyun questions, a fire place poker in his hand

"Mm... how could I not? It sounded almost like a battering ram or as others call it, an enforcer." Michael replied

"So what do we—"


Their heads turned to the stairs quickly and then a voice was heard,

"Wrap it up, I want this house empty. Check the basement, upstairs, all of the rooms, and leave nothing untouched."

Jihyun gasped slightly, "Sophie?" He whispers as he charges down the stairs

Michael tried to grab him and stop him but he was too quick, so Michael instead ran after him.

"Sophie?!" Jihyun announced as he watched one of his officers turn around to face him.

She flashes her flashlight at the men, "A—ahh.... Jihyun... what a surprise, why are you here?" She questioned

"Wrong response, the question is, why are YOU here?" Michael replied

"And who are you?" Sophie asked, "I was talking to my chief."

"Answer the man's question Sophie—"

"Soph we've got them downstairs, extraction is being comple—Chief?"

"Luther? Okay what the fuck is going on?" Jihyun announced, "And what do you mean extracted? Huh? You better not touch my daughter or I swear—"

"Do it." Luther said

And in an instance Michael and Jihyun felt a hard pain against their heads for only a second as their bodies dropped to the floor.

"God, it took you long enough," Sophie said irritated,

"Sorry boss—"

"Whatever, check the rest of the house and make sure no one else is here and if they are take them too." Luther chimed as the two officer nodded and walked upstairs.


Upstairs, Ella had already heard the noise; she quickly made her way to the hall and to your mothers bedroom.

Areum was standing by the door with a brass rod, as Ella opened the door your mother swung with all her might but luckily Ella dipped quickly and rolled inside.

"Areum please!" She whisper-yelled, "It's me, Ella!"

"Ella? What the hell is going on out there?" She said softly as she put the rod down

"I'm not sure, Michael hasn't returned but I think we are being raided—"

"Raided?" Your mothers eyes bulged, "The hell you mean raided?"

"Exactly what I said and I guarantee they're my sisters followers but I can't imagine why or how they'd come to follow her."

"Wait so does that mean they're after the kids?" Your mom said worriedly

Ella only nodded before walking over to the bed and bending down to reach under it.

She pulled a knife from somewhere underneath and stood back up to walk over to your mother.

She pick up the rod your mother had and gave it to her.

"Stand there and I'll stand in the middle, in 7.8 seconds a man is going to enter that door, another will be following behind him. You hit the first in the stomach and when he bends down I'll throw this knife at the other—"


The door opens.

Your mother sees the gun pointed and slowly entering further into the room.

"Now miss Ella, I'm gonna need you to make this—AHCK!"

Your mother had hit him in the stomach with the rod, as he bent low to grasp his gut, Ella took her knife and threw it with all her might and precise aim. Allowing it to enter directly into the man's skull.

Once the other man stood up, your mother picked the gun off the floor and smacked him upside the head with it, allowing him to fall unconscious onto the floor.

Your mother and Ella stood in silence,

That is until your mother broke it, "How did you do that?" She questioned

"Do what?" You laughed

"Do—do that thing with the knowing they were coming—how did you that?"

"It's my power of foresee, which is confusing me on how I saw that but I couldn't see my sisters plan." She bites her lip in thought

"Well let's go, our husbands need us." Areum said gripping her rod and the gun tightly before she handed it to Ella.

Ella smiled and took it after pulling her knife from the man's head.

"So sad one has to die—"

Ella stood in a corner as she watched your mother being hit in the back of the head by an unknown figure.

She watched her fall unconscious and the person lift her from the floor.

She smiled,

"Do what you have to Ella."

"Thank you, Liam, I'll follow close behind." She said as she waved her hand and turned herself invisible.

The man walked downstairs, face in a full mask such as some of the other officers.


Detective Walker quickly turned towards him, "Yes sir?"

"Who do you have?" Sophie wondered

Walker re-situates your mother so that her face can be seen.

"Areum?!" Luther laughs, "You got Areum?! Brilliant! Everything's packed up so let's move out—"

"Wait," Sophie says, "Where is the woman whose house this is?"

"Yeah... funny how we haven't seen her at all." Luther comments

"I saw no one else upstairs," Walker says making his voice deeper.

"Fine, we don't have time anyway. Beside, the facility was made to track her power so if she comes near it, we'll know."

Walker nonchalantly glanced beside him, Ella, although invisible, placed a hand on his shoulder and stood onto her tiptoes,

"The spell I'm using is Elise's, if what they say is true they won't be able to track me. I'll just have to continue using the spells she made." She whispers into his ear and sees his tense figure easing.

"You! Guy, let's move!" Luther says

Walkers nods and follows after them, Ella not far behind.
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