Chapter 94: Peeta

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"Katniss? Are you okay?" I ask as she walks back up the stairs quietly. She went to answer a phone call and it's only around 5 in the morning. I'm starting to get worried. What if she's calling some other man? She smiles awkwardly and leans over the side of the bed to kiss me.

"Sorry, that was Cato" she says quietly and I glare over at the phone. Why would he be calling at this hour? I start to get jealous, like Cato would with Clove and Katniss laughs lightly. "He needed to know if I would steal Clove for a day so he could get her super secret birthday present" she says lightly and I nod. She better not be lying.

"Okay sure" I say but force myself to smile. She climbs into bed next to me and we fall asleep again. 

"I have to get going. I need to go distract Clove" Katniss says as we walk out of the house with her bag of clothes. "Sorry, but you have to stay here. Cato wouldn't want you there" she says and I nod. Well this will be boring. I walk her to the train station and she board the bullet train, with her small bag at her side and the train departs quietly.

I walk back home boredly and open the large door to our house. 'What do I have to do for a day and a half?' I ask myself and sigh. 'Nothing'. I walk to the kitchen but I don't feel like eating.  I start to get in the mood to go on a walk around the woods. I might be able to visit the waterfall where they "buried" Prim. They couldn't find her body but they buried the stuff she loved in the place she loved. Katniss told me the stories about how she would sneak Prim out before our second Games and they would just sit in the cabin their dad made and watch the waterfall, sometimes for hours.

Katniss has been more open about her family lately, probably since she lost most of it. Even her mom left her, went to District 2 to "start over". She tells me about stuff before we go to bed, even in her sleep. She acts like some of them are more confessions than stories.

I start out towards the old District boundary to the lake. The District still have physical boundaries separating them, but people can come and go however they choose. Most people chose to stay where they started, some, like Johanna, went exploring.

I finally get there, and it's breath-taking. I take a seat on the deck of the cabin, over-looking the water and sigh. Only one thing could make this better. Katniss. I sigh loudly and remember, no one's here to hear except for maybe some birds. 

I wake up what feels like only minutes later and I can see the sun setting. Which is good, I'll see Katniss around noon tomorrow. I walk back home slowly and fall right on the couch. I find that sleep takes me sooner when I sleep on this couch. Katniss made me sleep on the couch when we got home because she still didn't trust me. I was fine with it but we started sleeping together and I left this couch for a while.

"I'm back" I mutter as I wrap my blanket around myself. I fall asleep quickly and dream of Katniss.

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