chapter 45

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As they are all seated a black screen appear in front of them.

"Hm? What is that ? " Og Eruhanben asked with an interested face.

[Oh it's a screen that will show your other selves]


[OK everyone are you ready!! Now I'm going to use a number generator to randomly pick a number]


[Number 45!!]

Then the black screen flash and show a scene along with text.

Chapter 45: Somehow (3)

"What a weird title" someone commented.



Two explosions that could not be compared to the one from earlier simultaneously went off in the plaza. Everybody crouched down and covered their heads with their hands.


“Ugh. My, my arm!”


Every fall silent seeing the scene sespecially og Alberu and Og Choi Han thats presented at that incident.

Og Alberu clenched his fist as he remembered the chaos during that time.

The screams of people getting injured or killed filled the plaza. And then…


A gust that sounded like rain brushed by over the heads of the people. The people at the center of the plaza got covered by the dust from the ground, while the people by the fountains got drenched by the fountain water before they all slowly raised their heads.

The first thing they saw was something going toward the North. None of the royal family was hurt because a shield was created to protect them, but the people around them were hurt.

"The people in the plaza that time must have been terrified" someone said.
(To last to state which character it is)

These were the people who arrived at the plaza earlier than anybody else to wait for the king. In addition, there were the servants, the lower ranking officials, the lower tiered knights, and the mages who did not have enough time to launch their shields.

Some of them were injured while others were dead. The black smoke made it impossible to see the royal family’s blonde hair.

The people still alive all raised their heads up. They then looked toward where the nobles and the citizens had been standing.


The silver shield started to slowly break like pieces of glass. The silver wings crumbled down as well. As they started to crumble, black smoke started to come out of the encirclement. There definitely was a person inside, however, nothing, not even a piece of flesh or even a drop of blood, could be seen.

"A silver shield? That never happen during the incident that took place in our world. Who is it?" OgAlberu commented with a hint of curiosity.

"That shield is strong.."rosalyn said in admiration

Everybody looking felt chills going down their body. This helped them understand the strength of the explosion.

Their gazes naturally turned toward a single location. It was the end of that silver strand of light.

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