Síndrome da Mulher grávida

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Small update, I hope you like it. I plan to update again either tomorrow or sunday nightish. I hope you guys have a wonderful Easter (If you celebrate it).

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On to the story...

Amber’s POV

“So, how did everything go with Hugo and Cristiano?” Danielle asked me.

“Honestly, I really don’t know. Cristiano wont say and I have decided to just leave him alone about it. I will let him tell me when he is ready,” I told her.

“Well, you need to find out,” she said.

“And you need to move out. When are you leaving again?” I asked her.

“When I am ready,” she said.

“Hopefully soon, because you can keep hiding out at my house. You need to talk to Ethan and work things out so you and the kids can go back home. I just married Cristiano and I want some privacy with him. Not a house full of kids and none of them are mine. So, do yourself and me a favorite go back to him because that’s what you are going to end up doing anyway. I am just trying to help you speed up the process,” I told her.

“You are so fucking selfish,” Danielle said.

“I am selfish, oh that’s rich coming from you,” I said.

“You’re rude and you have no manners,” she said.

“You’re a slut and you have no manners,” I smirked.

“Gosh, you are so insensitive,” she said.

“Me? Insensitive? Everything that is happening to you now is called Karma. She decided to pay you a visit. You enjoying her company? Now how is that for insensitive?” I said rolling my eyes.

She looked at me in shock, “Jump off a bridge and die”

“You first” I smiled.

“Why do you hate me so much?” Danielle asked.

“I don’t hate you like how could I hate you only ruined my life every chance you got, I mean what do you expect from me,” I said.

“Forgiveness, love, support, a bit of respect,” she said.

“I forgave you but I wont forget. I do love you because you are my family. I support you moving out of my house soon. I respect that you are a human being. That is all I can give you right now, so sorry for not being more sympathetic your needs but I am not your mother. So don’t expect me to coddle you,” I said.

“Okay, why can’t we be close like normal sister?” I said.

“We could have but you ruined that. So, lets stop talking about this because this is getting old,” I told her then walked into the living room.

I turned on the tv hoping their would be a really good movie on.


I woke up and ran to the bathroom. I leaned over the toilet and started throwing up. After about five minutes I heard a knock at the door.

“Babe? Are you okay?” I heard Cristiano say.

“Yeah, just give me a few minutes” I said then threw up again.

“Babe you don’t sound okay. I’m coming in,” he said.

“No, I don’t want you to see me like this,” I told but he ignored me and came over to me.

He stood behind me and pulled my hair from my face. He sat beside me and starting rubbing me back while holding my hair. He sat with me not saying anything until I was done throwing up. He gave me my toothbrush, toothpaste, and Listerine then walked back into the room.

After I finished in the bathroom I decided to get ready for the day. Once I was done I walked into the bedroom and shook Cristiano until he was awake.

“What?” he said.

“We are going to the doctor’s today, so get up now!” I said.

“Give me five minutes,’ he mumbled trying to go back to sleep.

I ripped the covers off of him, “No get your ass up now”

I turned and walked away, “Damn, pregnancy has made you mean” I heard him mumble but he got out of bed.

“Yeah, yeah, I am making breakfast,” I said walking out of the room.

Mmmm, I have a taste for eggs, bacon, waffles and OJ. I went into the kitchen to get started. I had the eggs and waffles going along with Ed Sheeran playing in the background. I took out the orange juice and poured two cup full. I put to eggs and waffles in plate.

I looked down at the table and noticed that something is missing. Ah, the bacon! I went to the refrigerator and searched for it. I knew I bought some, but where the fuck are they. I shut the door and sat in the middle of the floor. I began to thing what could have happened to the bacon.

“Amber? What are you doing?” I heard Cristiano say. I looked up and him, “Are you crying? Why are you crying?” he picked me up off the floor.

“I forgot to get the bacon,” I sobbed.

“Its okay, I don’t really care for bacon anyways,” he said trying to comfort me.

“But I love bacon. Breakfast wont taste the same without it,” I said.

He shook his head laughing at me, “I am sure it will be fine. We can grab some bacon on the way back after the doctors visit”

I smiled at him, “Okay, sit me down”

He put me down in front of an empty plate. I grabbed he plate as he sat down and put eggs and waffles on his plate, then did the same to mine.

“So, do you know when Hugo is going to get out?” I asked.

“Not really, the doctors say his bones need time to heal and the gun wound isn’t healing properly. He is really weak, so they are scared he might slip back into a coma. They want to keep him until he is okay,” he told me.

“I am glad that he will be fine,” I said glad that he shared something with me.

Why is it so hard for him to tell me things?

After we finished eating Cristiano put the dishes away. “Ready for the doctors?” he asked.

“Yes, the sooner we get there the sooner I can get my bacon,” I said licking my lips.

“Oh my goodness, can you please drop the bacon thing?” he said annoyed.

“Hey, I am a pregnant woman and I want bacon,” I smirked at him. I pulled him down to so I could reach his lips. I gave him a peck, then moaned in his ear, “mmmm bacon”

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

What do you think will happen at the doctor visit?

Do you think Cristiano will ever tell Amber about the Hugo situation?

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