20. The Ball~2

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First of all guys,

Gosh....it's already 2022...time is going so fast  

Idk how many reads my story had gotten already...But i am so thankfull, and i love you guys!

Time is going so fast these days..

Unlike my updates hahahhaha

Sorry thats not funny to y'all...
So here i am with a new update after months of being MIA

I had very busy days with studying as we had a test week....

But i sincerely apologise for not updating....

Anyway, lets get this party started...

...now watch out, it's a long one!

But before you go


(Quick note, in the chapter a little further down, Allina's full name will be said, and i just want to say i changed her full name by adding a second middle name, so don't be confused!)

Third person pov

"No, there is no 'what if', we will get her back, tonight, do you guys understand?!"
Leonardo yelled at his brothers and cousins

"Look Leo, we all are stressed and nervous, but don't turn that into anger right now, we need to be hundred percent focussed for the fight alright"
Angelo scolded his cousin

They were all stressed out for tonight, but they needed to be focussed

"God i just.....i dont know okay, i shouldn't have yelled"
Leonardo said

"Its okay Brother, but we don't need to go fighting each other right now, we should stay focussed"
Danilo said

"Alright 1 more hour until the ball starts, and 70 more minutes until Trusova makes his entrance"
Pietro said while looking at the laptop with info about the ball.

"Okay....we can do this boys, we need to..

       For Alina"


Sir, we are 10 minutes away"
Vladimir said

"Good, the little one is getting restless....she needs to be at her best behaviour though, we need to make a good impression on the guests"
Trusova said

"I dont know boss....I mean...we can't guarantee she wont cry or make a fuss..."
Drakov said

"She didn't sleep well all these days though...so Maybe she will fall asleep"
Vladimir said

"Lets hope so"
Trusova said while looking at the tiny baby

She looked sickly pale, and small, she was squirming in her carseat and looked like she was about to cry

Trusova quickly pushed down into the pacifier so she wouldn't be able to cry and shushed her

"Shh little fire, dont cry"
He said

The Little Girl whined and began suckling the pacifier again

"There we go baby, now go to sleep"
He whispered

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