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I rode my bike to my house. When I get there, I quickly turn left and stop and dirt sprays all over the hedges in my lawn. My house wasn't as big or as beautiful as Ethan's. It was a nice orange color and had hedges and flowers in the front. It had a white door that the paint was fading away. the windows on my house were huge. On the driveway, two cars, a blue small car and a silver SUV were parked. I quietly unlock and open my door and close it quietly. I turn on the lights. My wooden floor was polished, it looked wonderful. Most of my furniture was wooden or leather or animal skin. I took off my mud-caked shoes and put my sweater on the steel coatrack.

I looked up. There I saw my father sitting on an arm chair. He was looking dead at me. "Shit!"

"Take a seat." he commanded in a threatening tone. I gulped and sat on the leather couch.

"Where the fuck have you been?" He asks. I bury my toes into the deerskin rug.

"The woods..." I replied quietly.

"Why were you there for so long?" I stare into his yellow eyes. "E-Ethan got lost.." I finally said.

He looks down at my knee. "And that?" He inquires.

"I fell off my bike." I told the truth this time. Ethan did not get lost. He knew where he was and he knew how to get back home. He's very smart.

"You saved yourself this time." he said and finally getting up. "Get your ass to bed."

I could tell he was still mad.

I went to my room and undressed. I was completely naked and I wrapped a towel over myself.

I untied my ponytail and let down my hair. I walked over to the bathroom and let down my towel. I stepped into the bathtub and turned on the water. I put my foot under the stream of water until it was the perfect temperature.

I put the shower on and I stood under it. "Ah~" it was so soothing. The hot water ran down my back and trickled down my legs. It felt nice. My hair was flat against my back. My chocolate hair and blonde tips looked way darker under the water. I applied shampoo onto my hair and after I finished washing it, I rinsed and then applies conditioner and did the same. I picked up my pink loofa and squeezed body soap onto it and began scrubbing it all around my body starting from my chest and down to my stomach and I kept going down.

I had finished my shower and turned off the water. I grabbed my towel from the metal rack. I dried every part of my body and then wrapped the towel around me. I got a smaller towel with kittens on it and wrapped it around my hair.

I brushed my teeth. It must've been 11:00 by now. I wanted to go to sleep. Summer vacation is almost over. We've got 3 weeks left, and I want to spend it exploring all day with Ethan.

I didn't wanna get dressed so u lay in my bed with my towels on and covered myself. Technically, I'm not going to sleep naked because I have a towel on me covering all of my parts, but you can say I was going to sleep naked.

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