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You came back the next day, walking in the two big doors to see Sunny standing on the balcony. He dived in, making him look like he was in some cheesy movie.

You giggled lightly, going up to the pit and looking in. His head popped out right underneath you and he grabbed you by the shoulders, pulling you in.

You landed on your back, staring at Sunny angrily who laughed above you. You sat up, chewing your cheek.

"Why do you always have to pull me in here? " you couldn't help but let a smile take shape on your face.

"Well i can't help it! I love playing with new friends. " He tackled you into a hug on the ground, making you sigh with a smile. He hugs you a lot. "You're my best assistant! My best friend! " He hugged you tighter, making you push him off in need of air.

"Sunny! I have to breath you know. " you got out of the pit, fixing you hair. This was not how you wanted to start your morning.

You worked hard to make your hair stay flat all day. Now it was probably frizzy.

"Sunny.. Is my hair messed up? " you decided to ask him since he was the only one here and you knew he'd be honest. He just stared at you and you began fixing you hair more. "Oh, it's messed up-"

"No, it's fine! " he told you quickly. "You're just really pretty. " He giggled. You blushed slightly, opening your mouth to thank him but the door swung open. Noelle walked in as well as a couple kids who ran to Sunny. He began playing with them and with that, you looked over to Noelle.

"Noelle, hi. " you waved and she gave you a small one in return. She had a big smile plastered on her face as she looked over to you.

"Hi, y/n. I just came to tell you that Jennie is taking off tonight because she's sick so we need an extra security guard. You can deny this position for tonight but its worth a lot of money. " You smiled, nodding at Noelle.

"I'll do it, i need the money anyway. " She grinned, patting your shoulder.

"So, hows things with Sunny? " She asked, leaning on the wall.

"Oh, good actually. He's not as bad as you told me. " you looked back at him taking care of the children, smiling a bit before you felt your cheeks heat up at the thing he said earlier. "He's just happy and energetic, i don't see why people quit. "

She shrugged, frowning slightly.

"We've been getting complaints about his daycare area. That kids can't sleep with the light off because of him. " She trailed off, staring at Sunny. "It's sad. Poor robot just wants to be happy all the time but sharing a body with that horrid thing ruins it. "

"He told me he didn't want to talk about it..what is this other side of his? " she sighed, chewing on her nail.

"His other side is a moon, he doesn't look nice or sunshine and rainbows to the kids. If he sees a kid after night, he'll try to capture them. Unlike Sunny, who'll probably invite them to a sleepover. " she giggled at the last part even though the conversation was somewhat serious. She made the atmosphere less tense.

"Oh, he must be really scared of that. " you thinned your lips slightly, staring at him.

"I guess you could say that. He definitely doesn't like the dark. " She shrugged, patting my shoulder. "Just don't turn the lights off tonight and you'll be fine. " after giving me one last look, she left through the doors leaving me to look after Sunny.

He was busied with the kids so you sat on the ground, watching him from afar. He was nice to the kids, let them do whatever they wanted to him. Even pour glitter glue on him. You mentally sighed, knowing you'd have to clean him up later.

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