Chapter 23

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Time passed and soon enough it was time to take the horses home to Century Farms. We said our goodbyes and thank you's, and we trailered the horses home.

When we got home we put the horses in their stalls, and fed them their dinners. Once the horses were all tucked in, I looked at the new barn again. It was exactly the same as the other two we have. Each barn has about ten stalls, and honestly, I think two barns is enough, but that's okay. You never know. After I looked at the barn, I looked at the bunk house. It had a little lounge with a couch, two chairs, and a small TV. It has horse posters hung up on the walls, and there were some board games on a shelf. It was really fun in here! Upstairs there were two rooms with 10 beds in each room. There were also horse posters hung up, and a neat stack of old Young Rider and Horse Illustrated magazines. This would definitely be an awesome place for horse crazy campers to stay.

It was already the end of April, and I was in full out panic mode. I would always be scared that Cowboy would get adopted. It could be any day now. I really hope he won't get adopted for a while. I know, that sounds terrible! But I can't help it. I'm going to miss him so much.

At least I had my birthday to look forward to. It was only 21 days away! I've decided that I'm going to have my friends over for a trail ride! I've already invited Heather, Lauren, Pam, and Nina. They've all said yes! I can't wait! I have it all planned out: I would ride Cowboy, Heather could trailer Cloud over, Lauren would ride Candy Girl, Pam would ride Missy, and Nina would ride Buddy. Buddy and Tucker are really good at being ridden, so with even more training I'm sure Nina will be able to ride Buddy. I hope Cowboy will still be around for my birthday. I'm still hoping that Mom will let me keep him for my birthday, but since he's up for adoption, I highly doubt it. We will be okay. I remember hearing that that one day with Cowboy in the field. I tried to think of where I heard it. Was I just hearing things? Was it the wind in the leaves? Or was it actually Cowboy talking to me? Yeah, right. Horses talking to me. Of course. Whatever I heard, I hope we will be okay.

It was getting late, and I had school tomorrow. Spring break ended three weeks ago. It's Thursday, so at least tomorrow is Friday. I can't wait for the weekend! Finally, North Carolina is getting some really nice weather. It supposed to be 75 degrees this weekend. I hoped to take Cowboy out on the cross country course for the first time. Cowboy is now, proudly, jumping a little over 3 feet! I know he can tackle the cross country jumps. He is a DREAM to ride and jump! He always listens to me. I think he's ready for cross country!

I walked back inside the house and got all of my school stuff ready. When it was ready, I went upstairs and showered, brushed my teeth, put pj's on, and went to bed.



Finally! School's out for the weekend! I ran as fast as I could to the bus, eager to get home and ride Cowboy.

When I got home, I decided to do homework later and go for a ride. I dropped all of my stuff inside, and ran back out to the field to catch Cowboy. Now he was in a field with Tucker and Buddy. I grabbed his halter and caught him. I lead him inside the barn and put him in cross ties. I quickly brushed him and tacked him up. I brought him to the outdoor arena and mounted him. I was planning on doing some simple flatwork today so he could rest for cross country tomorrow.

We ran through transitions, side passes, leg yields, haunch turns and forehand turns. He was okay, he could tell that something was wrong. He had been acting weird a lot when I ride him now. It's like he knows he could be leaving any day! Poor guy, he is finally comfortable here, and now we're jerking him out of it and into a new barn. "I'm so sorry boy," I told him. "Let's go on a trail ride."

As we walked on the trail, I decided to ask Mom again if I could keep Cowboy. "You know what boy? Let's just forget about it for now, and let's just enjoy the trails and cross country for the rest of the weekend." He snorted, and shook his mane. "That's the spirit!" We had a very enjoyable trail ride, and then I put him away and went inside to do my homework.

As I was elbow deep into my homework, Mom walked up and knocked on my door. "Come in," I said. "Hi honey," she started. She had a HUGE smile on her face, so it must be something good. "What is it?" I interrupted excitedly. "Somebody's coming out to test ride Cowboy, and they are interested in adopting him!"Mom said excitedly. My smile dropped. I felt like I was going to throw up. My eyes filled up with tears, and they spilled out of my eyes. "When?" I asked shakily. "Sunday! Oh isn't this exciting for Cowboy?" Mom said. "Not at all," I said shakily. "How could this happen? Why are you doing this to Cowboy? He just got settled in here, and now your tearing him away?" I said accusingly. "Honey, you've got to understand that this is best for him. Besides, the girl that wants to adopt him might not be the right owner for him."Mom said. I was speechless. I couldn't deal with this. "Get out," I said quietly. "Wait, how about we talk about this-" Mom started. "I said GET OUT!" I yelled at her. She stopped talking, and quietly left the room.

I threw all of my homework on the floor and burrowed myself under the covers. I sobbed and cried and wailed. This couldn't be happening. We will be okay. Yeah right! This wasn't okay! This was the exact opposite of okay! My Cowboy, gone, with another owner. I don't know what to do! It's too late for me to do anything! The girl's coming on Sunday! I stayed in my room for the rest of the night, and when it was dinner time, Mom brought me up some food, but I didn't eat any of it.

The next morning I got up and changed into riding clothes. I went to the barn and did my morning chores: feed, muck out stalls, wash buckets, and put horses out in the field. I put all of the horses out except Cowboy. I quietly lead him out of his stall and to a pair of cross ties. I brushed and tacked him up, and then lead him outside. I mounted him and we walked to the cross country field. I warned him up in the filed; walk, trot, and canter. Then, I pointed him at a warm up log, and he jumped over it easily. I took him over a few more warm up jumps before doing some of the harder things. I made up a mini course which consisted of log jumps, brush jumps, crossing a small body of water, and another brush jump. I did a warm up canter circle, then headed him to the first jump: the log. We flew over it and then headed to the first brush jump, which he easily jumped. Then I brought him to a trot and we trotted through the water, Cowboy splashing his legs playfully. When we were out of the water, I brought him back to a canter for the last jump. We arrived at the final brush jump, and easily hopped over it.

"Good boy," I told Cowboy. I cooled him out but I walked him through the water again. I met him splash around playfully again, and he seemed to really like the water. It was so cute! We splashed in the cool water for a little bit longer, and then we walked back to the barn. I dismounted him and brought him back inside the barn.

I brushed him super well and then let him out inside the field. I quickly went inside and got my sketch book and art pencils and ran back outside. I sat outside of Cowboy's field and looked at the perfect scene in front of me: three horses grazing peacefully side by side, with the sun warming their backs. I started to draw them, and about an hour later I had my finished piece. It was okay, I mean it wasn't bad, but it definitely wasn't gallery worthy. Even still, I tore the picture out of my book and posted it on Cowboy's stall. I had a few other pics of Cowboy posted on his stall door. There was one of him galloping from the first day he got here, and a pic of him rolling in his round pen, a pic of me and him by his stall, and a pic of me jumping him over a 3 foot jump. That one was a great picture! My form looked great, and Cowboy had his front legs neatly tucked under him. We looked perfect together.

If only Mom could see it too.

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