Request 4 Jordan

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"Yeah baby?"

"Come get your son."

I heard Lucas laughing from upstairs, I heard his footsteps and him coming down the stairs.

"He not just my son, he yours too." he said laughing

"Not today he ain't." I laughed

"Oh really?"

"Yes. He's bad as hell and he didn't get that from me."

"You sure? You was pretty naughty in the bedroom last night"

"Shut up, Lucas."

"Make me."

"Man that's so old, Bye baby" I said kissing LJ on his forehead

"Bye Bye mama"

"What about me?" Lucas asked

"Sorry, Kid. You gets no love."

"Oh it's like that? Aight, remember that when I tear that ass up tonight."

"Kid, Our son is right there."

"50cents." LJ said

Lucas sighed and reached in his pocket and gave our son 50 cents and put him down, LJ ran upstairs

"You gone do me like that?" Lucas asked me pulling my jacket and me to him

"Yes, Kid. I'm going to do you like that."

He kissed my forehead , "You sure?"

"Yes" I said watching him with my eyes

He pulled me closer and moved my hair from my neck and kissed on my spot, I moaned

"You just gone leave without kissing your man goodbye?"

I bit my lip as he deepened the kiss on my neck, he wrapped his arms around me and placed them on my ass gripping it hard as hell, Ugh. He know I like that shit. I wrapped my arms around his neck placing my hands on the back of his head and he stuck his head up and smirked

I laughed, "Stop looking at me like that."

"You know you couldn't resist."

"Could I? I think I could."

"You lying." He said turning his lip up

I laughed and put my hands on his face and pulled him to me kissing his lips

"Let me go before I be late for work."

"We gone finish this tonight."

"Okay." I said without even realizing what he meant


She think I'm playing, I'm gone tear that ass up tonight. Depends on wether her day was hard or not, that don't mean none cause I'm still gone tear it up and I'm gone release all that stress. I went upstairs and checked on my son, he was playing with his toy dinosaurs. I remembered them days like yesterday, sometimes I miss being a kid. Guess
that's why I still call myself Kid Lucas. But if I was still a kid I wouldn't have met Jordan beautiful ass.


LJ had fallen asleep. It was 11:00 and it's about time for Jordan to be home, I went and made her some bath water with the scented candles around the tub and I went downstairs and as soon as I did she came through the front door

"Hey baby" she said like she was exhausted

"What they do to my baby?" I asked taking her jacket off

"Thanks and I been cussing people out all day. Where's LJ?!"

"Sleep. I got you a warm bath water upstairs."

She smiled, "Thank you baby. I need it."

"Mm you stank?"

She looked at me , "Nigga please. You'll never catch me sweaty or stinking! I'm too pretty to sweat and just to pretty for anything really"

"I'm just playing with you baby, give me a kiss."

She pecked my lips and stopped looking at me


"What you got up your sleeve?"

"What you mean?"

"You ran me a bath water, it got candles and bubble bath?"

I nodded, "and..?"

"Only time you do that is when you want sex or something, what's up?"

"I Told you I was gone tear that ass up when you got home."

"Lucas, I'm not in the mood."

"After this bath, you will."


She stepped inside the tub and pulled her hair back, I set on the bench and leaned down and she tilted her head back pecking my lips

"You want something to ease that mind?"

"Get in with me." she said

I didn't hesitate at all, I closed and locked the bathroom door and took my shirt and jeans off and set on the edge of the tub, I ain't take my boxers off yet. I looked down at her

"What you afraid of?" She asked blowing bubbles from the bubble bath in my face leaning her sexy legs up and kicking me with her feet

"Nothing." I told her, "Just watching your beautiful ass."

She smiled, "Take those boxers off and get in with me."

I nodded and got in with her, She smiled and I got between her legs and we kissed and next thing you know I was fucking her in this tub.

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