The Book?

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-This book was written when I was VERY young. It is filled with errors, plot holes, cringe worthy lines and many, MANY more issues. Please keep this in mind before continuing. If you are expecting this to be anything like my most recent work, you will be sorely disappointed. 

Hello... It's Peyton here.

Please comment and tell me what you think about this chapter...I promise you the next one will be better (:

Hope you enjoy it <3

I know I can't take one more step towards you

Cause all that's waiting is regret

And don't you know I'm not your ghost anymore

You lost the love I loved the most

I learned to live half alive

Now you want me one more time

And who do you think you are

Running 'round leaving scars

Collecting your jar of hearts

And tearing love apart

You're gonna catch a cold

From the ice inside your soul

My head phones were ripped out of my ears, and my dark room was filled with light as my mom opened the curtains, revealing the bright sun. Instantly, I closed my eyes as the sun pierced them fiercely, and I whipped the covers over my head.

"Cassie, you've been in bed almost all day. No, I'm wrong, almost all weekend. Chloe has been calling you non-stop. You're to get out of bed right now." My mother raged.

Chloe is my best friend; we're kind of too close. When I don't respond to a text or phone call, she gets all paranoid and thinks that I was kidnapped or in a car crash; something along those lines. Ever since second grade when she gave me her Ho Hos we have been inseparable. This weekend we were supposed to go to the mall and shop for the upcoming dance, but I sank into the comfort of my bed and blew her off. I know, I know, what a bitch, right? But the dance isn't until next week, and I don't think I've had a weekend to myself in months.

My thoughts were interrupted by a loud thump on the other side of the wall, followed by loud music. I slowly picked myself up and walked across the room and swung open the door. I crossed the hall and barged into my brother's room. Liam, my brother, and his two friends Percy and Evan were perched on his coach watching Jackass.

"Can you please turn that rap crap off?" I shouted.

I stood there waiting for an answer when I noticed Percy and Evan looking at me with their mouths open. My brother slowly turned his gaze to me and started to laugh. I looked down to see my hot pink tank top and my purple underwear covered in zebra strips. I was unable to move; I started to blush and could feel my heart jump rapidly. As soon as I came back to reality, I jolted from the room slamming the door behind me. When I reached my room, I sank to the floor and closed my eyes. Shit! I made a fool out of myself in front of my twin brothers extremely hot friends.

My mother called me into the kitchen for some lunch, but this time I made sure I was wearing pants. I walked into the kitchen cautiously, not wanting to bump into Percy or Evan. When I saw that the coast was clear, I stumbled into my favorite chair and slumped down trying to hide from the bright sun that was seeping through the window. I heard my brother and his friends leaving from his room, and I dove behind the other side of the counter.

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