a cute emo love story

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its been 4years since kate has been here in her home town. she moved in with family in a different state. until she decided to quit running from her hurtful past. she's been running from this for the past 4 years . she's nervous to be back and see all her family and friends she left behind



i woke up teased my hair and did my make-up perfectly . "hurry so your not late and dont forget your sister has you a spot on the cheerqwaud"yelled my aunt

"why do i have to be on the cheerqwaud?" i asked her

"your mom wants you to be"she replied

"fine but only bc its for my mom"i yelled

i got on my new skirt which is black and 6 inches down my theigh

i put on my new black strapless shirt and my jacket then my 10' leather heels

i finally finished getting ready and jumped in my new car and headed to the school i havent seen on years

man is kat gonna hate me bc i will be the only one of her sisters who is emo and dont care anymore

kat and i were like twins but i dont talk about it to anyone becouse it bring up all those bad memories of why i left of feeling like i could disappear and no one would notice

i felt tears coming in my eye i sat there and cried until someone knocked on my car window

"come on kate get out!" yelled kat

"ill be out in a minute!" i yelled back

"o my god dont start this shit again and get out the damn car!!"she screamed at the top of her lungs

"fine stupid slut!" i screamed back again

"good" she said and smiled a deadly smile "dont even think we're ever gonna be close again i still dont trust you"she said and walked off

"fine i dont give a fuck i hurt alot of people and i hurt you the worst and i am sorry but i didnt mean to make you a stuck up bitch!" i screamed at her

she turned around

"hurt me the worst haha you've gotta be kidding it killed me when you were gone but now your back and i quit giving a fuck long before you got back" she screamed at me and had tears in her eyes

"whatever but im only on the sqwuad bc of mom!" i screamed while tears blurred my vision again

first hour was here and i was scared to see all the friends i left behind

"class this is-" he was cut off by my old best friend coming up and slapping me then she smiled and said"good to have you back stupid runaway slut" she said and hugged me "o my god ive missed you so much!!" i yelled in front of the class as i started to cry again

"go sit down shea" the teacher screamed at her

"fine but the bitch stays in this class !!" shea screamed

"love you too shea" i said as i wiped the tears away and laughed

"yep you better you dumb ass slut" she said and giggled i giggled with her

"oh and you are on the sqwuad right?" she asked

"yes but only for my mom" i said still in front of the class

"ok even better ima make your life a living hell my sexy emo bestfriend" she said and gave her same evil smile

i giggled and started to blush

"well anyway this kate" said the teacher

"hi" i said quitely

"go sit at the table in the back" he said

"ok whatever" i said

"no!" shea screamed

i just laughed and said

"calm down shea im staying in this class for my crazy irradic best friend " i said and smiled at her

"you better be" she said

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