Part 17

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~*~*~About One Year Later~*~*~

~Kim's P.O.V.~

I wake up and don't see Jack in bed. I go downstairs and see Jack holding two year old Brooklyn with seven year old Koen beside him. He's making breakfast and Koen is playing on his tablet.

"G'morning, guys." I say.

"Good morning, mommy." Koen replies.

"Mommy!" Brooke says, clapping her hands and reaching out for me. I take her from Jack who kisses my cheek and says good morning. We eat then Jack leaves for the dojo. I take Koen to school and go back home with Brooklyn. I'm an accountant but I stay at home for work. I'm not the type of girl to let Jack get all the family money.


Koen walks off the bus.

"Hey, Koen. How was your first day at high school?" I ask.

"Good." he shrugs. He's 16 now and Brooklyn's 11. I soon see Brooke hopping up the driveway with her new backpack and a big smile on your face. She skips inside and sets her backpack on the couch.

"Good afternoon, mummy!" she smiles.

"Oh my gosh! Is Brooklyn Kimberly Brewer in love?!" I ask. She nods and smiles.

"No. No, my baby sister is not in love." Koen tells us.

"But Koen." Brooke pouts.

"No." Koen states.

"Koen." both me and Brooke whine. Then Jack walks in.

"Whoa, what's with the pouty faces?" he asks.

"Brooke's in love!" I squeal.

"No!" he exclaims. Me and Brooke laugh. "Not happening! Brooke is not in love. She's too young."

"No I'm not, daddy." Brooke says with puppy eyes. Jack blocks his eyes and looks away.

"No, puppy eyes. I will not let you be in love." he says.

"Jack, let her be in love. Remember when you were in love?" I ask, walking over to him.

"Yes... but I wasn't 11!" he defends.

"I know. But didn't you like being in love?" I question. He gives up.

"Yes." he says before kissing me.

"Eww!" Koen and Brooke scream. I turn to see Koen covering Brooke's eyes with one hand and his own eyes with his other hand. Me and Jack laugh.

"We're done, guys." Jack tells them.

"Good." Koen says.

"So, how do you treat this boy you're in love with?" I ask Brooke.

"Well first he stole my apple. So I threatened him. I'm not letting him know I like him." she answers.

"He sounds like your daddy. Your dad stole my apple too." I explain.

"Aye! I didn't steal it. You dropped it and I caught it with my foot." Jack says, pointing at me.

"You didn't give it back until I asked for it." I remind him.

"Still didn't steal it." he says. He walks out of the room.

"He stole it." I whisper to Brooke.

"No I didn't!" Jack yells. Me and Brooke nod to each other. She's my perfect daughter. Just like me.

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