Part 15

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~*~*~Eight Months Later~*~*~ (sorry for the time skip but I need it to keep the story moving)

~Kim's P.O.V.~

We walk off the plane and grab our bags. I have Brooke in a front pack with her head on my chest while she sleeps and it's a lot easier to keep track of her that way. Koen holds onto my hand and drags his suitcase behind him. I have Brooke's diaper bag and my suitcase in my other hand. Jack is dragging his suitcase and carrying Brooke's car seat.

"I think that's my mom's car." I point out to Jack.

"Alright." he nods. We walk over and my mom hops out.

"Kim! Koen! Jack!" she says as she hugs us all. "Oh! And baby Brooklyn!"

"She's asleep." I tell her.

"Oops. My bad." mom replies. She helps us load our stuff in the back then Jack gets in beside my mom and me and Koen get in the back since I have Brooke. We drive home and mom drops us off at our old house. "Are you guys coming over for dinner?" mom asks.

"Yeah." we nod. We have a some boxes laying around that need to be unpacked and more on the way. Before we left, we packed a U-Haul truck full of our stuff and they're driving it all over here to Seaford.

"Where's my room, daddy?" Koen asks.

"Same place." Jack answers. Koen runs upstairs to his Thomas the Train bedroom. "And Brooke's room is done too."

"Really? Where is it?" I say. Jack takes my hand and leads me upstairs. He opens the door to a room (pic attached).

"Like it?"

"I love it! It's so cool." I reply.

"Glad you like it." Jack smiles.

"Is this Brooklyn's room?" Koen asks.

"Yeah." Jack answers.

"Cool." Koen says. We walk downstairs and Jack grabs his keys.

"Where are you going?" I ask.

"We are going to the dojo." he says.

"Really?! I haven't seen Milton or Rudy in forever!" I exclaim.

"I know. Come on, Koen. We're going to the dojo." Jack tells him. I follow Jack out and help Koen get into his car seat. Then I notice Brooke is still in her pack.

"Jack, can I have a little help here?" I ask, motioning to the pack. He comes over and unclips the side of the pack. I take Brooke out and set her in her car seat. I take off the pack and get in the passenger seat. I hear Brooke wake up but she doesn't cry. Just babbles. We arrive at the pier and get out of the car.

"Where's the dojo, daddy?" Koen questions as I take Brooke out of her car seat and just carry her.

"On the pier. Ready, girls?" Jack says.

"Yep." I smile. Brooke looks around excitedly as we walk into the dojo.

"Kim! Jack!" Rudy screams when he sees us.

"Hey, Rudy." we laugh. He gives Jack a bro hug then tries to give me a hug. I hand Brooke to Jack and give him a hug.

"Hey, Uncle Rudy." Koen says.

"Hey, Ko." Rudy replies. Then Milton comes in with Jerry. We all talk for a long time. So long, Koen and Brooke fall asleep.

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