The Shy Girl Has a Gun...Chapter 11

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Drake walks into the kitchen at this point, buttoning his jeans back up. He looks up into the kitchen, then quickly gives Jace the once over as if sizing him up. I think Jace felt a little uncomfortable, whereas the rest of us were used to this. Since Drake has been an agent for 6 years of his life, he did not trust people easily. Who could blame him.

“Jace, this is Drake.” Connor introduces them. He looks at Drake, shooting him a back off look “He’s not going to pull a gun out on us, he is an old friend of Faith’s remember?”

Drake relaxes a little as he remembers that I know Jace. I scowl as Connor once again refers to Jace as my friend, causing Jace to smirk at my reaction. Drake walks up Jace, and after a few agonising seconds of tense silence a smile spreads on his face.

“Pleased to meet you man.” Drake greets, doing the same man handshake/hug thing.

“You too.” Jace replies, but I can see he is still a little on edge by Drake’s presence. Drake was not the easiest person to get along with, unless you’ve known him for a while. “So, are all of you like assassins?” Jace questions suddenly.

He doesn’t beat around the bush does he?

“No, only me and Chris are. Connor is beautician while Drake here is an astronaut.” I reply sarcastically, and everyone but Jace laughs.

“Ignore her. She’s a bitch 95% of the time.” Chris chuckles and I flip him off.

“I’ve noticed.” Jace replies, smirking slightly in my direction. The guys all laugh again, including Drake much to my surprise.

“But yeah we all are. Drake’s my partner.” Connor points at Drake, who confirms this by raising his beer bottle slightly. “Anyway, how are you taking this? You know the whole people at your work being drug dealers and no longer breathing?”

Jace shrugs “It’s a fucking shock I can say that much. But no point in being like a panicked teenage girl about it, just get on with it really.” I cock my head as I hear Jace talk, quite amazed again by how calm he is about this. I can hear the boys mutter in agreement at his response. “Plus seeing her again alive and well after all these years eases you into the situation a little.” Jace adds, looking at me. I can feel myself melting a little at his words as a smile begins to play on my lips. Connor gives me a suggestive smile, while raising an eyebrow.

Connor and Jace go into another conversation when I feel someone nudge me. I turn to see Drake sat next to me on the table now cocking his brow and smirking.

“The civilian still has feelings for you.” Drake whispers, his tone amused. I scowl at him.

“No he doesn’t, you lot know what happened. He didn’t have feelings for me back then, and he doesn’t now.” I reply low enough that I knew only Drake heard me. Jace, Connor and Chris were still chatting away to pay any attention.

“You sure about that?” he questions, before leaning his face in closer and whispering in my ear “Because the daggers lover boy is shooting me right now proves my point.”

My eyes immediately avert to Jace, who was staring over at me and Drake with cold eyes. His jaw clenched slightly as he stared at a smirking Drake who was still leaning a little too closely. As he noticed my gaze on him, he turned back to the others and carried on talking, however his posture was still stiff.

I turn back to Drake, who was smirking smugly. “That doesn’t prove anything. He probably just doesn’t like you.” I state teasingly.

Drake nods in agreement “Probably, I mean I did just lean over and whisper sweet nothings in the ear of the girl he blatantly still has the hots for.” He replies matter of factly.

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