At His House

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We rode down a dirt path and passed by a field with wheat and tulips and small white flowers with cows grazing on the green blades of grass. It was such a beautiful sight. I looked over at Ethan and his chocolate hair was swept back and moved up and down in the wind as he rode at a fast speed. He closed his eyes and smiled, he was enjoying this. So was I. My silk hair was flowing in the wind like a brown flag. We finally got to his house. It was a nice house, it was very large too. It was at least two stories, and it was wooden. It had a port with two white, beautiful cars under it. It had a lamp hanging from a chain and glowing a nice dim orange. The house was beautiful. His parents were asleep and I bet mine were waiting for me in the living room, just waiting to give me a lecture.

He took out a silver key from his pocket and unlocked the door. I heard a low click and he opened the large wooden door. It opened with a long, low creak. He turned on the light by pressing a small white switch implanted on the wall and I saw quite a sight. It was dazzling. The tile floors were an amazing light shade of beige and they were so clean I saw my reflection and they sparkled under the light of the chandelier that hung from the tall ceiling. Everything was so beautiful. The furniture, the artwork, everything.

"Pretty neat, huh?" He smiled and threw himself on a white couch.

"Yeah..." I stood there, in shock. How could a house this amazing sit here, in the country where we lived, surrounded by mud and critters?

"Well we better get to treating that knee," he said as he pointed to my cut knee. "You have to go home soon."

He lead me to the kitchen counter and told me to sit on it. I did as I was told. "Stay here, 'kay?" He said to me before turning to go to the bathroom.

I waited for him. I swung my legs off the counter. He came back with a white plastic box with a Red Cross on it. "Sorry that I took long to get the first aid kit." He said as he set It on the counter. "I couldn't find it, heh."

"That's okay" I smiled. I shouldn't be mad either way. Afterall, he doesn't have to be treating me. But he does so because he is my friend.

He puts his hand under my knee and be lifts my leg up into a straight position. With the other hand, he flipped open the kit and took out a couple of disinfectant wipes.

"You know, I could do this myself. To save you the trouble." I suggested. "Yeah," he said in a sort of high pitched tone. "But, I like helping people. Mostly you. You're the only person who gets hurt so much that I can use you to practice." he said ending with a small laugh.

I gave him a face.

"You should put on gloves, my cut is still bleeding." I informed him.

"Nah, fam. I got this." he replied brushing me off. "Do it," I said firmly. "it's sanitary."

He looked up at me. I raised an eyebrow and he rolled his eyes and let go of my leg and took out a pair of white latex gloves. He put them on and let the latex go after putting them on. The latex snapped after he let it go. He took hold of my leg again and looked at me. "Happy?" He asked.

"Very." I responded with a satisfied nod. He smiled and rolled his eyes playfully.

He started to disinfect my leg. Oh, it hurt like a bitch. I winced. Ethan looked up at me and I stared into his amazing blue eyes. He broke my stare and looked back down.

He finished wiping my leg and he went back into the box and took out a small tube of Neosporin. He put some on his finger and put it on my scrape. "a-ah.. That's cold!" I said.

"Well yeah," he said. "Its an ointment.."

After applying the ointment, he took out a large wide bandage. He opened the package and then he placed it carefully onto my knee. "Perfect." he said smiling to himself.

I lifted up my leg to look at the cut. "Wow, you did a great job." I said happily. "You've gotten better since the last time you treated one of my cuts."

"Yeah, thanks. It was no problem actually, I'm here whenever you need me." he smiled a closed mouth smile.

"Thank you." I said, and without thinking, I hugged him. I wrapped my arms around his stomach and hugged him tight. I heard his soothing heartbeat against my head. His body was so firm. How? He doesn't work out. "Um.." I heard him say. "It's 10:17"
"Sorry I..." my voice trailed off. We stared at each other for a moment and I broke the silence. "I..I'll just be going now..."

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