| Chapter Song: Seven Devils- Florence and the Machines |

Murphy was an official resident of the camp again. It had been a couple days since the virus, and he had taken refuge here. It took some time getting used to, and I still didn't trust him completely. Octavia and I were at the smoke house, watching the fire.

"Let's get this party smoking!" Cried someone, and I rolled my eyes. Of course it was Del.

"You don't want the fire too big," Octavia told him. "So maybe just try to knock it down with some wet leaves."

"Your boyfriend teach you that, Grounder pounder?" He smirked, and I got ready to punch him.

"She's right," Murphy walked up. "A hot fire is not gonna preserve meat as well."

"You can't take the heat, get out of the smokehouse. Should be kissing our asses for being allowed back in camp."

"Oh probably," I said. "That just means someone else would have to do it." I walked up to Del and punched him in the nose, then walked back to Octavia.

"Thanks for that back there," She said once Del had walked off.

I shrugged, "He's a dick anyways." O laughed but agreed. Just then, the smokehouse combust into flames, and Octavia and I ran out coughing from the smoke. 

"Are you two okay?" Bellamy asked. Octavia and I nodded. I looked up to see Murphy punching Del.

"Hey! Get off him!" I shout, and try to stop the fight. Bellamy was quick to help me.

"This is all your fault!" Murphy yelled. "We told you it was too much wood."

"Get the hell away from me!" Del screamed back.

"Hey, stop!" Bellamy's voice echoed. "Save it for the Grounders."

"Well now what the hell are we gonna do about food? That was all of it," I ask, Clarke and Finn walking up to Bellamy, Octavia and I.

"Any idea what happened?" Clarke asked.

"Murphy says that Del kept feeding the fire," Bellamy said, "mostly because Octavia told him not to."

"And we believe Murphy?"

"I do."

"We have some wild onions and nuts in the dropship," Clarke spoke, "but it's only enough to last us two, maybe three weeks tops. What's left here?"

"Nothing," O said, "It all burned."

"Then we have to hunt," I say, "Anyone we can spare goes out. We can't defend ourselves if we're starving."

        ↠ ↠ ↠ ↠ ↠

"Each group takes someone with a gun," Bellamy announced to the group. "They're for killing Grounders, not food. We don't have the ammo. Use the spears for hunting. Get what you can, be back by nightfall. No one stays out after dark." Everyone began gathering their weapons. "Sunshine, you're with me." I nodded and grabbed my bow.

"Let's go," I tell him, and walk out of camp.

"Bell, it's almost night fall," I groaned as we kept walking. "We've been out here all day and found nothing. Maybe someone else caught something."

"You can go back if you want to," He mumbles, his eyes searching the woods. "I'm gonna stay out here a little longer."

"Alright," I sigh, "but be careful."

However it was me who should've been careful.

        ↠ ↠ ↠ ↠ ↠

It all happened so fast. One minute I'm walking back to camp, the next I'm shooting arrows at an unknown opponent. A Grounder no doubt. He grabbed me, strung me up and blindfolded me, then slund me over the back of a horse. Eventually, he took me down, and took the cloth off my eyes. He then lead me to a room, which was more like a cell. He said something to me that I didn't understand. The man rolled his eyes and shoved me into the cell, then locked the door.

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