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The black metal doors of the mansion stood closed shut. Suddenly the guards sitting on both sides bow to Hoseok and the doors open, Hoseok drives in stopping in front of the mansion. He walks towards the door, as a man wearing a black suit enters the car and drives to the parking.

"What are you doing?" He asks as he stares at the guys watching a movie or something, while Jin stood there as if he was waiting for Hoseok. "Where is it?" Jin asks dead serious. "Where is what?" Hoseok asks back. "MY Jacket. Where is it?" Jin said. "I don't know?! Maybe ask Jungkook or something?" Hoseok says as he takes out his boots on the door. "I did. And he said he saw you take it!" Jin spats in anger. "What the hell Hyung! Why would I take you-" Hoseok responds but then freezes. "Luis Vuitton?" He asks. "Yes," Jin answered. "Black?" Jin hummed in approval crossing his arms on his chest. "Brownish fur collar?" Jin rolled his eyes. "Yeah. Now. Where-is-it." Jin asks in annoyance. Hoseok just sighed "I don't have it..." Jin frowned, the tension of the room increased. "Someone is planning to get their ass whooped tonight..." Taehyung says out loud with a laugh "What the heck do you mean?!" Jin shouts. "I met a hybrid, she was not having something to cover up, so I just gave it to her." Jin gasps. "You... Just gave away my Luis Vuitton Jacket, to a hybrid? Like really?! It was a limited edition! It was almost 3000$ and you just..." Jin scoffed. Even tho it wasn't such a huge matter, Kim Seokjin just has to be extra... It's only fair. The bickering went on for quite some time.

"Umm... Yoongi Hyung? I need help..." Hoseok says while looking away. After a long quarrel, the guys were finally settled down on the couch, as the movie was still going on. Yoongi hummed, still half asleep. "Can you find someone?" He asked. Yoongi opened his eyes to glance at the younger. "Who? Exactly..." He enquired. Hoseok coughed. "It's an umm... I guess a hybrid, I think it's a cat hybrid..." He said. Yoongi frowned. "I suppose this 'hybrid' must have been provided by a name?" Yoongi mocks as he settles his back to sit straight. "I... I don't know her name." Hoseok looks away embarrassed. "Hyung? Is this girl your girlfriend or something?" Jungkook asks, stuffing his face with popcorn, who could say this man killed like a maniac when fighting?"Jungkook can you focus on the movie?" Hoseok said. "Well, I was just curious..." Jungkook shrugged. "He makes sense... I was about to ask the same thing..." Jimin supported his younger friend. "No way, bro! Me too!" Taehyng jumped in excited. Hoseok facepalmed. "So, you don't know her name?" Hoseok just sighed "I just said that..." Yoongi nods, "Right. And why do you need it?" Yoongi asks as Hoseok rolls his eyes in annoyance. "Can you stop questioning for once?! Just... Just she's pale, big eyes... pearly blue big eyes, like Bambi, Button nose, and...." Yoongi looks at him with a 'The heck?!' face "Dude, how the heck, am I supposed to find her with Bambi eyes?! Just... Just tell me where did you see her?" Yoongi asks, "Outside my usual bar..." Yoongi nods, "Okay, ill tell you when I'm free..." He said walking to his room.

"Oh! Hoseok? You're home? Jin Hyung was looking for his overcoat, do you have it?" Namjoon asks, as the movie finally ends... Everyone looks at him with a 'Seriously' face. "Bro? How the heck did you become a lawyer?" Hoseok asks him weirdly. Namjoon does not fail in returning the weird look, "What? What's wrong?" Everyone shook their heads in disbelief and after a few minutes of bickering, they went to sleep. The whole Mansion was asleep but someone seemed to toss on his bed restlessly. Hoseok couldn't bring himself to think about anything but the hybrid, her huge eyes and pale skin was flashing in his eyes. He couldn't sleep the whole night

What did that half-human do to him? 

Seokjin walked down the road looking like a drop-dead model without giving a single effort. He was handsome enough to make people turn around and take in his heavenly beauty. His hair was gelled perfectly. He wore a royal blue formal suit, and an overcoat settled in his left arm. It would be a lie to say that he didn't like dressing up. His cheeks were a little chubbier than a few days earlier, that was probably the reason he decided to walk to the office. He was about to sip on his americano when someone harshly bumped his shoulder while running past him. his americano falls from his hand almost ruining his coat. He angrily shouts "Hey, you little-" His words stuck as he saw one of his belonging, his Overcoat hanging on the person's body. "Hey!-" He was again cut off by a shout. "Hey, you little bitch come back here!" A man shouted as he ran behind the figure. He enters an alley following her with heavy footsteps...

Jin just sighs. As he continues walking. That's when he was just about to pass the alley when he hears a scream. He closes his eyes hearing the scream.

"Don't Jin! Do not even think about it! I swear to god Jin you aren't butting in in this one-" There he was cut off by another scream. "Fuck it." He cursed under his breath as he walks into the alley. As he heard the voices coming closer he sighed looking at his watch, 20 minutes... Guess waking up early did pay off. He smirked as he hears a shout. "Hey, pretty boy! Get out of here!" He looks up as he stares at the guy and a figure curled up in the corner. He scoffs. People were scared to show up in front of him even after having fully armed men behind them. And here this innocent being showing off. "Hey! Are you deaf?!-"

"Let her go..." Jin said as he fixes his overcoat in his hand. "And... What will I get in return?" The man smirked as he played with a pocket knife. "You... currently aren't in a position to make a deal..." Jin smirked. "Oh yeah? Who do you think you are?"

"Seokjin, Seokjin Kim. At least that's what everyone refers to me as..." Before he could look up to meet the man's eyes he was gone. That's what he thought. Now he turned to the person who was someone looking convincing enough for a killing machine like J-hope to be kind on. The figure was shivering. He walked closer while whispering.

"They're, gone..." But the figure didn't budge. He patted her shoulders, she shot her head and gasped. Wow... No wonder Hoseok was generous enough. Jin himself would give away all those limited editions and not regret once. Her face was perfectly sculpted, but her cheeks were sucked up and she looked dull, her blue eyes, rosy cheeks, red button nose, and pale skin, had lost their color and grace. She looked like a beautiful painting that was probably kept in the attic for too long. And maybe... Just maybe he wanted to become that explorer who discovers this beautiful piece of art, renovate it, and keep it all to himself. He snapped out of his thoughts when she coughed. He also stood back up. As he took a better look at her, she was so tiny. She would hardly reach his shoulders even with heels. She held onto the wall as she tried to stand up. When a piece of the unmaintained wall broke under her fingers making her stumble. Jin was luckily fast enough to catch hold of her, her waist...

Her rough and torn weak hands held onto the collar of his coat while he gripped her waist. A visible gulp ran down the poor girl's neck. She quickly pushed Jin making him stumble back while she took the chance to sprint off, Jin fell as he could just shout for her to stop, being half-animal her speed was inhuman.

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