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I will use they/them pronouns for this story, hope u all enjoy<3

"Dad/mom said the village should be around here" you said as you put the map back in your backpack, your father being a merchant had advised you to go and live in a village in Colombia where an old friend of his lived, he/she didn't want you to spend your adolescence between sleepless nights and controls so he decided to send you to this "magical place".

You didn't really understand why he/she laughed at the statement but you didn't really care.

Its been an hour since you had been walking following the map drawn by your father and you could finally see the same mountains drawn on it.

"luckily, they couldn't settle it in a more accessible place?" you gasped through your teeth with fatigue, as you walk forward in the vegetation towards the village.


"finally" you said as you sat under a palm tree to catch your breath, you could see the village in the distance, but first you needed to rest, you settled down as you pulled out of your bag the letter with the instructions your father had given you together to the map.

"okay so now I should look for a certain ... Abuela alma Madrigal" you put everything back in your bag before heading to the entrance of the village which you could well understand was a place ... Very lively.

"wow ... "you whispered wide-eyed, you thought it was just a little lively village but it was wonderful, everyone was surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere as they interacted with each other like they were all one big family, not to mention the colorful clothes that made everything even brighter, you were lost in your thoughts before a hand tapped on your shoulder, you turned to find yourself in front of some people of the village

"good morning, I don't seem to have ever seen you, what brings you here "

" my father/mother (first and last name) sent me here and told me to find a woman named Abuela Madrigal- "

" OH I didn't expect our (your mothers/father's name) to have a child, you are just like her/him , come with us we will guide you "

they interrupted you before literally dragging you around the village, you could not help but smile at the gesture.

It didn't take long before I was taken in front of a colorful house, it was very beautiful but you raised a confused eyebrow when you saw a window ... move? the hell?

"it's just me or that window just moved" you said stunned "i cant belive it, didn't your mother/ father tell you about it? "

you tried to ask what he ment before being interrupted by the arrival of a girl with green glasses, she was wearing a skirt with flower decorations and was followed by a group of children as ... She sang? you approached curious, you hear how she was talking about miracles?Before you could even ask her what she meant, an old woman and a girl in a red skirt who were at the door interrupted the show, the old woman was the first to speak.

"Mirabel, what are you doing" she said looking the girl in the eye.

"she was about to tell us her fabulous miracle!" said a little boy jumping on the spot.

"oh? Mirabel doesn't have ons, mh" said the girl in the red skirt before disappearing. 

Once the children were gone I approached the girl.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but I wanted to know if you knew a certain Abuela Madrigal, my father told me to meet her"

"OH so you're the guest abuela talked about , we have already prepared everything for your arrival"

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