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Everything happened minutes after Mark and Amber left. Natalie had decided to have a slow evening until they got back. 

"What do you do for fun when you're pregnant and you can't drink?" Natalie wondered. "Baby, I am not an alcoholic, I just appreciate a good bottle of Irish whiskey. I am going to take you to Ireland when you grow up, you're going to love it there." Natalie sat on the couch and touched her belly, that was getting bigger everyday, especially since she was entering her third trimester. 

"I'm going to do better with you, I promise. I won't let you go through everything Amber went through. I just know that it's going to be different, because you have a father who already loves you more than he loves anything else. And he loves your mother and he loves your sister, better than her own father ever loved her. We are going to be okay." She promised.

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Accidents happen at any time... And that's exactly the problem. You can't possibly foresee them, because if you did you would have never let them happen. You would have never be on board with someone hurting you... or any Natalie's case, her child. 

It's always the most quiet afternoons when things change unexpectedly. You get hurt, and sometimes people die in plane crashes, lose parts of their bodies in car accidents; people die every day. Like fighters: some die, some get hurt, some go on. You just don't let yourself believe it will happen to you. You never believe that you will be one of those people. Until it does happen to you... and then you have to face the consciousnesses...

Those small decisions you make, they can change your life for good. And Natalie made a decision that evening. She decided to get in her car and drive to the nearest Chinese restaurant. Because she was craving for Chinese food. She could order in, she could even wait until later for Mark and Amber to return and bring her something to eat. 

But it had been a while since the last clear evening, there was no rain, no wind, no clouds. It was just peaceful, a perfect evening for a stroll around the town. 

That was the moment, though. That was the moment her life, was once again in danger... 

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Back at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, Derek was in the ambulance bay along with Callie, waiting for an incoming trauma. There was a car accident, that's how far they knew. And the moment the paramedic opened the door and revealed who was inside the ambulance, they wished they had never found out.

"Tachycardic and hypotensive en route. Obvious head and chest injuries." The paramedic said, oblivious of the shock on the doctors' faces. Because they wished that it was all a lie. And that Natalie Turner was not inside that ambulance, injured and with blood all over her. 

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