13: Greyson

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Hi guys! I just wanted to warn you that this chapter contains domestic abuse. It doesn't go into too much detail, but it is still shown. I've put some stars, (**), before and after the scenes, if you'd like to skip them <3
There is also a panic attack that takes place immediately following the domestic abuse scenes. It is not starred, but it is the paragraph after the second set of stars if you'd like to skip it as well.

She's late. Either that or she's not coming. I hope it's the latter, the last thing I need is her distracting me while I'm training. She's like a toddler in a movie theatre. Loud and oblivious to her disturbing everything around her.

After seeing her this morning, I called Sanders and told him he had to do the class tonight. His fucking class.

I've got enough shit going on without having to teach Kennedy and a bunch of kids how to throw a punch that probably wouldn't even do any damage.

It's 7:16 and I've already been in the ring for over an hour when the doors fly open and in runs Kennedy, some short brunette on her heels. She looks vaguely familiar so I assume she's Kennedy's friend Sasha. Or was it Sandy? No, that's her fucking nickname for Sanders.

The bruise on Kennedy's head is an ugly purple and slightly swollen. She didn't fucking ice it.

She's got the same running shoes on as last week, but with black leggings and a ratty sweater this time.

She slows to a stop, staring at Sanders and glances around. Her eyes skip over me, then fly right back. I can hear Sanders talking, but for some reason I can't seem to look away from her. I've felt like that a lot recently. Face flushed, she breaks the eye contact and pulls her friend towards the benches across the gym, throwing her bag down and whispering to her friend. I'm so focused on her, I don't see Austin approach until he's slapping the back in my head and shoving my shoulder.

"Head up my guy, a piece of ass like that shouldn't be enough to distract you." His comment has my blood running hot and I turn to him, eyes hard.

"Don't talk about her."

"Oh come on, she's fine man, I'm joking." I've always liked Austin, but right now, I couldn't care less about him.

"Either fight me or get out of the ring." Turning my back to the class going on, I take my sudden anger out on Austin, hitting him a little harder than I probably should.

I can feel eyes burning into my back for the next 15 minutes, and I resist the urge to seek out Kennedy's eyes.

When Austin taps out like the pussy he is, I head to my room for a break, thoughts drifting to my conversation with Kennedy this morning. She's too curious for her own good. I could see the wheels turning when I told her Alesia was my sister, and it pissed me of. It's none of her business if we have different dads. It's nobody's business.

Different dads. A dead beat piece of shit isn't a fucking dad.


"Who is he Jenny? Huh? Who'd you let fuck you like the whore you are? Who ever he is I hope he wants you and that worthless kid because I sure as fuck don't." I can see him grab mommy's hair and pulls it hard from under the table. She cry's out and I want to go to her, but she told me not to try and talk to daddy when he smells like this. I want to help her though.

Getting out from under the table, I grab daddy's hand that's holding mommy so tight, hoping he lets go of her. When he looks at me, I know I must have done something wrong. He only ever looks at me like that when he's mad at me.

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