Chapter 4 - Public Displays Make People Uncomfortable

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We got on a bus that would lead us a couple of blocks away from what was now the Avengers Tower. We had to get off early to ensure we wouldn't be followed, as there was a possibility that we were being tracked by something on board the bus.

We sat down right at the back to avoid engaging in conversation with others. I watched as Steve sat down, and he crossed his legs, a snort escaping me. I patted his arm to get his attention, trying to maintain a monotonous facial expression. "Please don't sit like that, it doesn't suit you."

"How do you want me to sit? With my legs open?" He vents, opening his legs widely, making me laugh. I had to look away to avert my gaze as I sobered, then look back at him, a confused expression on his patriotic face. I reach over and close his legs before patting his thighs.

"Just stay like that for me, doll." I smiled, then leaned back in my seat.

"How is it that you haven't dated before?" I asked after a while. He shifts uncomfortably before shrugging.

"I don't know... Why'd you ask?"

It was my turn to shrug. "I don't know. I mean, look at you... look at all that muscle." I prod his arm. "and that face of yours, pretty boy." I poke his cheek, that was now a little pink from embarrassment.

"Pretty boy?" He chuckled. "From Capsicle, to pretty boy?"

I raise my brow playfully. "Is that a problem, pretty boy?" He smiles and shook his head before he furrowed his brows.

"Wait, are you saying my face is pretty?"

"Your face is many things, mi amore." I grinned, watching him think. "women must throw themselves at you."

"Oh, they do." Steve shuddered, and as if on cue, three loud and giggling girls decided to sit beside us. They whisper to one another before one taps Steve's shoulder.

"Excuse me?" She says, her voice dripping with fake innocence. Steve looked up at them and smiled, making them sigh. I fought the urge to roll my eyes and just watched silently.

"Yes?" He replies quietly. The girl actually fanned herself just staring at him. Remain calm, Chris, she's just a fangirl, just like you, my subconscious sniggers at me.

"Well, my friend was wondering if you.. if she could have your number?" She asked finally. I actually snorted, trying to contain my laughter, than cross my legs. Steve smiled apologetically then took my hand and wove our fingers together before lifting them to show the girls.

"Sorry.. I'm, er, taken." He answered. Their faces fell as they let out a small groan. I inwardly fist bumped the air, trying to keep my face calm and neutral.

"Oh... So how long have you two been together?" She asked. Me and Steve exchanged a glance before Steve spoke first.

"Um, we've been together for-"

"3 years -" I interrupted.

"- and 8 months." he finished.

"Do you always do that?" One of the other girls asks.

"Not -"

"- really." I smirk at their weirded expressions. They nod in unison than the first smiles.

"It's kinda cute! Like your minds are linked together." She says like she's some kind of relationship guru. "It might also be because you're sexually active-"

"Okay, pretty boy, here's our stop!" I cut her off before she could get any further. I stand up quickly, giving Steve no other choice but to stand up with me.

"It was nice meeting you girls." He smiles at them, before I drag him to the doors and wait for the bus to stop. He stands in front of me, looking down with his brows raised.

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