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NOTE: The video sets the scene a little if you want to watch it! :)

"I forgot the sandpaper!" You groaned as you burst into your house.

Your father jokingly raised his eyebrows. "What happened this time, (y/n)?"

"I guess I got... distracted."

"I hope you were distracted by a boy! It's about time, (y/n)!" Your grandmother cackled from her chair, brandishing a knitting needle above her head.

"No, abuela." You lied, kissing her on the cheek.

"Shame." She scowled, returning to her knitting. "Wash up for the ceremony."

You desperately started to form your excuse.
"Abuela, you know how I feel about the whole Madrigal thing." Camilo would not get the satisfaction of making you blush again.

"(Y/n)," your father gently began, "Your grandmother has spent the last week sewing your dress."

She solemnly nodded. "I met my husband at the triplet's gifting ceremony. And your father met your mother at Dolores' one." Your grandmother practically worshipped the Madrigal family. Their portraits watched over her bedroom. She had introduced a malicious-looking portrait of the one named Bruno into your room one day, but you had found it just creepy. Needless to say, portrait Bruno spent his nights underneath your bed.

"Come, come!" Your grandmother eagerly beckoned you forward to try on the blue dress with stylish flared skirt. "You will look beautiful!"

Despite your protests, when evening descended on the village, you were dragged toward the Madrigal house by your grandmother and father.

Strings of twinkling fairy lights illuminated the entire village in celebration. The crowd carried a hopeful atmosphere, with families laughing and children excitedly tripping ahead. The Madrigal house radiated a sparkling glow, and the tiles beneath your feet gently shifted in greeting.

There he is.

You spotted Camilo shifting into the forms of guests who passed him, laughing and high-fiving kids. Show-off. Everyone's eyes were on him, and his energetic gestures betrayed that he loved it.

You swiftly changed your path to avoid him, and joined the crowd gathered in the high-ceilinged, massive main room of the house.

As you waited, a secluded, yellow candle caught your eyes, glowing from a dark window. The miracle candle.

"It's pretty, isn't it?" The girl next to you said with a friendly smile.

"It is," you agreed, smiling back. "Is it what causes the gifts?"

She nodded, her tight, dark curls bouncing. "For everyone in the family... but me."

"Mirabel," you realized, an apologetic tone in your voice.

She waved a hand dismissively. "No, no, it's fine. I wish people wouldn't feel bad for me all the time."

"(Y/n)." You offered her your hand and she shook it with a giggle.

The house magically dimmed the lights, projecting a warm spotlight onto a nervous little kid. Antonio. The youngest.

The Abuela cleared her throat. The Madrigal cousins gathered behind her.

"I'll see you after, (y/n)," Mirabel whispered, touching your arm before rushing to hold hands with Antonio.

As Antonio timidly climbed the stairs, the Madrigal Abuela relayed the story of the miracle. Against your will, your eyes wandered behind her. Camilo rocked on his toes, whispering to a tall girl, probably his sister, with her curly hair in a tight bun. Her lips curled into a small smile and she silently laughed. Pleased, Camilo crossed his arms and leaned his back onto the wall.

His eyes suddenly caught yours.


You ripped your gaze away. Pinning your eyes on little Antonio, you pretended to pay attention while he opened his door and a menagerie of animals flooded in.

But all you could really think of was your rushed breathing. Could he hear it from up on the balcony? Probably not. It felt as if he could.

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