(Chapter 20- Lake Trip With The Bad Boy Pt. 2)

I sit silently next to a very pissed off inching Blake and our parents around the fire. For the past twenty minutes he has been explaining to his parents that he has been nowhere near poison oak and it must be an allergic reaction from something else.

It takes everything in my power to not to laugh at his pain. Mean I know, but you can’t say he didn’t have this coming for a while now. It’s especially funny since I know how he actually can in contact with the poison. Why is it that everything is funnier when you’re not supposed to laugh?

Once I left Brody at his cabin earlier he snuck over to Blake’s car while we were inside unpacking and rubbed the substance all over his car. It was quite impressive really. I honestly didn’t think he could cover the car in that amount of time.

“I think I’ve gotten it to.” Regina said scratching her arms until they were bright red.

Regan was Blake’s mom and I think it’s safe to say that his parents came in contact with it to. That was unfortunate though. I really liked Brian and Regina. They have always been really kind to me. It’s their son who I have the problem with.

“I think we’ve all gotten it.” Mom adds. “I just can’t figure out how.”

I was almost dying with laughter inside. Well their goes Blake’s allergic reaction theory. This is just to good. Looks like Karma as dealt its hand once again. Serves them right for forcing me into a room with Blake.

“We’re fine.” Heather says glancing around at everyone in pain.

“Me to.” I say trying not to smile.

“Did you happen to pack any Benadryl?” Blake asks hopeful.

Regina shoots him a regretful smile before answering. “No.”

Ha! Even better.

This only seems to irritate him further but he doesn’t reply. Instead he shows it with his actions. He abruptly stands from his chair and turns to the parents before storming off.

“I’ll be in my room.”

With that he was gone without another word to anyone else. Including me. In fact he had hardly spoken to me since he came. Not that I was complaining but it was odd. I assume it was because we were to busy unpacking eating to make conversation. But I had a feeling he would make up for that tonight knowing him.

“I think we’ll turn in.” Mom says as her and dad stand then looks to me. “Don’t stay up to late Farrah we’re going out on the boat early tomorrow.”

I resist the urge to groan and put on my best fake smile for them. “Alright.”

“I believe we’ll go to bed as well. We’re not feeling our best right now. Maybe after a good night sleep we’ll be rested and feeling a little better.” Regina adds.

They quickly stand and leave behind my parents leaving only me, Heather and Callum there. Well this should be interesting. I wonder how possible it will be to ditch them. I can’t bare it if she starts the wedding talk again.

Just as I turn my attention back to them I notice they are no longer there and instead they are walking hand in hand along the water in their own little world. Despite my complete disapproval of their relationship it almost looked like a scene from a movie or something you would imagine out of a novel. It was very…sweet.

If only I had someone to do that with. I’m kind of starting to feel all alone. My phone buzzes in my back pocket pulling me back to reality then it hits me. Of course, how could I forget? I do have someone. Not being able to be with him for the last five hours has started to mess with my mind I think.

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