46- Love Affair

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I have been wondering lately , why i've never had a boyfriend , when i'm turning 16 in a few month, while all my friends or family had or have boyfriends since 13 or 14 and i'm just alone, i still ask myself what differs , i look younger than my age , why would a guy want a girl that looks younger than she is.

Sorry for bothering you with this , go on enjoy reading.


        His warm and soft kisses went from my shoulder to my neck, as he sucked on the my sweet spot leaving his mark , like he always does, even though I don't get to leave a mark.

His lips moved to my lips , kissing me softly , as if he loved me .

His hazel eyes bored into mine when he pulled away.


        He layed down beside me panting softly, his pants matching mine, my breathing fast and my heart tudding against my chest.

His arm wrapped around my waist as he looked at me his hand moved up to my face stroking my cheek softly a lazy smile on his lips.

Let me clarify some things , 'He' is Neymar Jr, the famous Brazillian and FCBarcelona footballer.

Yes the one with a model / actress girlfriend.

He was having an affair with me , he sleeps with me but then go back to his girlfriend like nothing is happening.

I know he doesn't have feelings for me at all. 

And that he doesn't know about my feelings for him. 

Neymar is 23 and I am 20, we have been doing this affair for a few months now.

When i would ask him if he felt guilty for cheating on his girlfriend he would tell me that he wasn't happy but I still can't understand why he doesn't break up with her.

After a fight with her he would come to me spend the night then go from my place to training, and for that he has a place in my closet for his clothes.

I know what I am feeling for him is wrong but I couldn't but fall in love with the beautiful eyes and the amazing personality , the lucious lips and the inviting warm hugs .

But he couldn't know that .

If I tell him he would stop whatever relashionship we have.

"what are you thinking about baby?" he asked me nuzzling his face in the crook of my neck.

"nothing important" i told him running my hand through his hair.

oh but it was important.

He lifted his face and smiled at me, kissing me softly.

"there is something on your mind amor , what is it ?" 

I opened my mouth to reply to him but the door burst open making both me and Neymar look at the person who just opened the door , luckily we were both covered with the sheets.,

There by the door stood his girlfriend .

"Hey Alicia , I'm sorry -" she cut him off .

"stop , you're not sorry , and don't bother explaining " he shut up looking between both me and her.

She glared at me then spoke up.

"you , it's your fault , you little gold digger sl*t ." she said to me gritting her teeth.

I looked down , she was right I was a who*e , but i sure wasn't using Neymar.

"don't talk to her like this , if anyone is a who*e here it's you, you cheated on me twice Alicia and I stayed with you because it was a mistake, i'm even sure you are cheating on me right now" he glared back at her.

"I'll give you a chance to choose between her and me " she smirked evily at me .

I felt his arm wrap around my waist and he cupped my face in his hands kissing me without hesitation.

I was shocked , I mean he chooses me ? I kissed him back my hand cupping his cheek.

He pulled away and looked back at Alicia .

"you can leave now, i want you and your stuff out of my house by 7 pm " he said and he pulled me into him as she stomped her foot and ran out.

"why did you choose me Neymar ?" i asked him looking into his eyes.

"because I love you , so much" he said with a smile.

 I smiled back "i love you too Neymar"


Done i hope you liked it.

Tomorrow is Easter day and I will wish you a happy Easter from today .





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