Chapter 8

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Kairi shifted the camera equipment bag further up on her shoulder as she waited for Namine to drag her rolling luggage toward the taxi that waited for them outside of the airport. She gripped the handle of her own rolling luggage a bit harder than she meant to, her stomach doing backflips.

She looked around at the beautiful scenery that had greeted them the moment they stepped off the plane: palm trees, water stretched out far beyond and between the cityscape, random sand, tropical flowers, and an ocean breeze. The sun was already setting low across the water, casting a gorgeous light over the island. It really was a paradise. Hopefully she could get work out of the way early and spend some time at the beach. This wasn't exactly meant to be a vacation but she'd make the most of her time in Destiny Islands.

Namine finally made it to the taxi, and the taxi driver came around to meet her at the trunk. As he offered to take Namine's luggage, Namine shook her head quickly. "I'll do it myself. Kai, you can put yours on top." Kairi nodded and took a step back. Namine always liked to do things herself and her way.

"Urghh!" Namine grunted as she picked up her luggage and set it into the trunk of the taxi like a weightlifter. Kairi thought she saw the taxi buckle a bit under the weight but shook her head and put her luggage and camera bag beside Namine's. The driver just scratched his head at Namine's antics then opened the door for the girls. They climbed in and soon they were off to the hotel Aqua's assistant had booked for them.

Kairi practically pressed her nose to the window as they drove through the streets towards the hotel. The sun had finally slipped below the horizon, and the city seemed to be coming to life. Neon signs were flashing; the streets were slowly becoming filled with teens and young adults eager to have fun. She could faintly hear the music from the clubs, talking and singing and even shouting from the citizens and tourists of Destiny Islands.

Kairi grinned at the thought of all the adventures they could have between the work she had to do at the convention: shopping, dancing, karaoke, trips to the beach... the list could go on and on. This would be a trip to remember, even if it was only for a weekend. "Oh Nami, we're going to have the time of our-" Kairi began.

"Zzzzzzz...." A soft snore came from her cousin. Namine had opted to stay awake during the entire 7-hour flight despite not having slept the night before. Kairi rolled her eyes and returned to watching the city life go by until they arrived at the hotel.

Before they knew it, they were pulling up in the hotel's entrance. Neither of the girls had bothered to look up the hotel, assuming it'd be a mid-grade, 3 or 4 star stay. This was... nothing like that. It was large and grand, made of marble and shimmering with gold accents. The driver put their luggage on a trolley while Kairi pulled a sleepy, but aware, Namine from the taxi.

Namine quickly woke all the way up once she realized where they were. The girls stared into the hotel's lobby windows from the taxi as they waited for the bellhop. There was a large chandelier in the reception area and an indoor pool and a hot tub visible from the walkway. A young man, probably close to their age, retrieved the trolley and followed them inside while they checked in. He then led the way to their room, room key in hand.

"Hotel my butt. More like a million dollar resort. Who the hell thought your job would pay for something this swanky, Kai?" Namine's question was rhetorical of course but Kairi shrugged anyway, unable to speak as she took in the posh surroundings.

Kairi and Namine followed the bellhop to their posh suite. The bellhop, "Axel" said his name tag, pushed their luggage all the way to the room. Kairi was pretty sure he was sweating underneath his hat from pushing the girls' heavy bags, mainly Namine's, but he didn't complain. Instead, he seemed to be checking out Namine's behind as she walked out in front of them, looking through every window as they passed by. Kairi noticed and inserted herself between them. Luckily, they finally arrived at their suite.

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