Chapter 11

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"What do you mean complications?" Gibbs asked.

"Mr.DiNozzo had a major concussion, and three bruised ribs when he arrived. With further examination, we found that he had internal bleeding in his chest." The nurse paused flipping through the clipboard. "He flat lined... Twice."

McGee and Bishop gasped. Leon sat back down and hung his head between his hands.

"But, even with his scarred lungs, he pushed through and is in Recovery. He is awake and asking for a woman named Ziva." She smiled and headed back into the thick double doors.

"Oh thank God hes okey." Bishop said.

"Yea, They are lucky," McGee said.

"You too go explain to Tony whats going on. Make sure you tell him about Ziver and his baby." Gibbs said. I am going to go tell Abby, Ducky, and Ziver the good news."

"I need to get back to the office, tell both of them i wish them the best of luck and congrats." Director vance said standing up. He sighed and walked out the clear glass doors toward his car.

Bishop and McGee slowly walked down the hallway.

"Sooo... Im guessing that this Ziva is... Close to you guys." Bishop said.

"Yea, she is like a big, protective sister to me. Rule 12 prevented Tony and Ziva to get together before, while she was on the team," mcGee said. "Im just so glad that shes back, alive. It has been hell acting like nothing happened." He rambled forgetting who he was talking to. "Ziva is irreplaceable."

"You guys are close." she whispered.

"We all are." McGee chucked. "Abby absolutely hated Ziva when she took Kates spot but..." He paused turning the hallway corner. "They are best friends. No one can take Zivas spot."

"Yea, Ive noticed," she whispered.

"Knock Knock!" McGee said when they arrived at Tonys room.

"Whos there?" Tony asked in a heart pounding raspy voice. "Mcgee! Wheres Zi-" he paused. "Hey... Elly"

Bishop smiled in greeting.

"McGizer wheres Zi? Is she okey? What about the baby? Ohh... Don't tell me. Wait! Tell me!!" He rambled in his raspy dying voice.

"Hey, hey, hey! Calm down! Eveyone is okey." McGee laughed.

"Except for-" Bishop started.

"Shut up!" McGee spat.

"Except for who?" Tony asked panicked.

"All if the EMT's and your attempted homicidal bastard." McGee explained glaring at bishop.

"Soo... Zi and little Ninja is okey?" Tony breathed.

"Yes both are fine." McGee stated.

"Yeah," Bishop agreed.

"Oh yea," McGee remembered. "The Doctors gave Ziva some medicine to hold off the baby for a few days,"

"Ugh!" Tony rasped flopping back on his pillow. "I want to see her."

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