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Being pregnant for Natalie Turner meant one thing, night cravings. The kind that kept her awake at night. So she had reached that point in her pregnancy where all she wanted to do was eat, the vomiting was over. And her second trimester was ending that way. 

Natalie sat up in bed, trying not to wake Mark up, not yet at least. She looked at him feeling guilty, but she couldn't help herself. "Mark, Mark, wake up. I need you."

"What?" Mark jolted awake in full husband/parent mode. "What happened? Are you okay?" He sat up and looked at her, trying to realise if she was okay. 

"Yeah, yeah, I just..." Natalie paused making Mark more anxious than before. "I really want some saucy and spicy... chicken nuggets."

Mark breathed out in relief, like his heart was back to its right place. "Okay, we'll get some tomorrow, I promise." He lied back down too tired to care about chicken nuggets that late at night. "Get some sleep now."

"No, Mark, you don't understand..." Natalie complained. "I need them right now."

Mark opened his eyes again and gave his wife an 'are you serious' look. "Honey, if you're suggesting that I get out of this bed and drive around to find you chicken nuggets after having surgeries all day..."

"It's for the baby." Natalie interrupted him.

"...You are correct, cause I'll be right back with extra saucy chicken nuggets." He pulled the blanket off his body and got out of bed, thinking about how much he loved his wife and his baby and not how much sleep he was going to miss.

"And spicy." Natalie added and gave him a sweet and innocent look. 

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"Where were you? I've been waiting and waiting." Natalie was pacing back and forth at the living room the moment Mark returned home. He was holding two packages of food, knowing far well that Natalie would carve something sweet after, and he wasn't going to drive around the city again.

"It only took me 15 minutes..." Mark tried to reason with her. But Natalie was in that stage where her emotions were all over the place 

"Only?" She exclaimed and when she realised that she was too loud, she started whisper-shouting so she couldn't wake up her daughter. "Only?! I thought that you had an accident or something and I was about to call the police and..."

"Natalia... " Mark sighed. "Please look at me. I wasn't gone for that long. What are you even saying?" He placed the food on the coffee table.

"I don't know!" Natalie cried. "I have all, a-all these feelings and I-I want to cry and then yell and then cry some more and I want to bury my hands inside this package of the saucy chicken nuggets... What is happening to me?" Natalie ran her fingers through her hair. She hoped that being pregnant for the second time would be easier for her to deal with her emotions, but it wasn't.

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