Chapter 35

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You were getting out of the hospital, you were going back to the bunker with Dean.
You and Dean went to your grandparents' to get your stuff. You were happy to go back with Dean. You looked at your grandparents.
You: I'm sorry grandma and grandpa. But I feel like I belong with Dean.
Your grandmother: It's okay y/n. It was a mistake to bring you here. We could see that you were happy with this fine young man.
Dean smiles and you smile.
You: Thanks grandma.
You hug your grandma and your grandpa. They hug you.
Your grandfather: You take good care of her.
Dean: I will don't worry. *smiles*

You then let go of your grandparents and you wave at them. You walk toward Dean and he grabs your hand.
Dean: Ready baby girl?
You: Yeah Daddy. *smiles*

You and Dean get your stuff into the impala. After you got your bag into the impala you got into the backseat of the impala.
Dean then comes to buckle you in, you could do it yourself, but you missed Dean.
Dean: I missed you baby girl.
You wrap your arms around Dean's neck.
You: I missed you daddy. I didn't want to leave you.
Dean then hugs you back.
Dean: I didn't want you to go either, but I wanted to protect you.
You: You can protect me daddy. You're my daddy, daddies always protect their children. They're angels. Mommies and daddies are angels on earth, sent to protect their children.
Dean was getting teary eyed.
Dean: I love you so much y/n.
You: I love you too daddy.
Dean kisses your cheek and he hugs you tighter. You hugged Dean tighter, you didn't want to let him go. You were happy to be going back with Dean. He wasn't your real father, but you loved him like a father and he loved you like a daughter.

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